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My name is Doug Brady and all my dog training services come with a satisfaction guarantee.  I’ll let you decide.  If…at the end of our session…you feel that what I have taught and shown you was of little or no value, won’t work, wasn’t helpful, or won’t produce obvious, tangible results, etc., etc., etc….you owe me nothing.  YOU have to be satisfied……that what you have learned was worth it.  There is no other criteria.

Many people just give up on their dog, thinking he/she will never change anyway…and hiring a dog behaviourist would only end up being a waste of time and money.  Nothing could be further from the truth…and I welcome the opportunity to prove it…at no risk to you.  Seeing is believing.


dog-behaviourist-kingston Doug’s Best Friend – Aristotle

If you have found this website, I am assuming that you have some kind of issue or problem with your dog and are looking for help.  Just the fact that you are considering professional help is encouraging and this says a lot.  Too many people choose to simply ignore and just “learn to live with” unwanted dog behaviour.  Others take unnecessary drastic steps or otherwise deal with their pet’s issues in an inappropriate way.  So unnecessary (often tragic) – and usually – so easily fixable.  My goal is to open your eyes with the things I show you, and teach you, so that you and your dog will have happier lives together.  Simple as that. Contact Doug Now!

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Before you hire someone to help you with your particular dog problem, you would probably like to know a little something about them.  With that in mind, let me, as briefly as possible, give you some background about myself that may help.

I am a long-time Kingston resident.  In 2005, my wife and I got our dog Aristotle (Ari), a Coton de Tulear.  We set out to ensure that Ari was not only a well-cared for, loved dog  –  but a well-trained dog as well.  He did become a St. John Ambulance Pet Therapy Dog  –  and together Ari and I would visit Rideaucrest Home for the Aged.  About the same time, I thought it would be a good thing to volunteer an hour a week to walk dogs at the Humane Society.  That became  2  –  2 1/2  hours every day.  I spent the next few years, and countless hours, studying dog trainers, behaviourists, their various philosophies, methods, and techniques –  for the purpose of making unadoptable dogs adoptable.  During this process and over time, I came to realize that I had a love, a penchant, and a special gift for working with dogs.   I also saw a need for my talents.  There were dogs and dog owners right in my neighborhood, and around the city who needed help (with everything from small annoying things to major issues)…that could take advantage of, and benefit from the things I have learned, and the skills I have developed.  Over these last 12 years…under the name “Ain’t Misbehavin’ “…I have had the satisfaction of helping many hundreds of people live more harmonious and happier lives with their pets.”

      Over the course of the last 12 plus years…365 days a year…every day of every year (I don’t take vacations, holidays, or weekends off when it comes to dogs that need my help…or people that need help with their dogs)…I have continued…and even to this day…continue to ‘evolve and learn’.    In all these years that I have been doing my work with dogs…I have studied hundreds of dog trainers…always searching…and looking for better methods and techniques…better ways of doing things…always looking to improve and find the best ways to address the many issues and problems that confront me on a daily basis when it comes to helping dogs and their owners…to be better able to help them live good, healthy, happy, and harmonious lives with each other.   It’s the reason I get up every day.   It is simply what I do.

There are many dog behaviourists whom I admire:   Jeff Gellman;  Adam Katz;  Don Sullivan;  Martin McKenna;  Cesar Milan;  Sean O’Shea;  Richard Heinz;  Ty (the Dog Guy) Brown;  Michael Ellis; Barbara Woodhouse;  Duke Ferguson;  Nate Schoemer;  Thomas Davis; …amongst many others.  The understanding and use of ‘dog psychology’…along with the methods and techniques I use…incorporate the practices of all these professionals and more…and has helped greatly in the development of my own unique teaching methods, style, techniques, and abilities.

The ‘value’ of my teaching is in the knowledge and skills that you gain, and can take with you for the rest of your life (and apply to any other dog you may acquire).  The result is a much improved relationship…and quality of life…for both you and your dog.  Considering the fact that your pet will be with you for, typically, the next 10 – 15  years…the obvious positive benefits derived are well worth inordinately more than the relatively modest fee I charge…which, of course, sustains and allows me to continue my work.

I love working with dogs, and teaching people.  I am a dog whisperer.  I am more than just ‘good’ at my job.  If you have an issue with your pet…I can help.  Please call with any questions or concerns, for a free consultation, or to make an appointment.  I would look forward to working with you.

NOTE:   Although my way of teaching is not ‘treat-oriented’, I absolutely do NOT use ‘harsh’ methods.  Simply not done.  I will let my former clients speak for me in the ‘TESTIMONIAL’ section…where you will find  words like…’patient’,  ‘soft’,  ‘soothing’,  ‘calm’,  ‘caring’, ‘kind’,  and  ‘gentle’  featured prominently throughout these much appreciated references.   I feel it is important to note this to dispel any misconceptions or concerns in this regard.

Doug Brady – “Ain’t Misbehavin’ “


Doug’s partner “Ari” (Aristotle) in his St John Ambulance Pet Therapy garb.

They were a big hit at Rideaucrest Home for the Aged where they performed their little ‘act’ (including all of Ari’s tricks  –  “Say your prayers.”  was always the hands down favourite  –  the little show-off).

Doug says,  “Ari’s the photogenic one  –  me  –  not so much.”

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