Doug Brady Dog Whisperer – Testimonials

Recommendations, praise and testimonials for dog whisperer, Doug Brady.

“It took Doug about 5 minutes to figure out all of my dog’s behavior issues were related to his confusion as to who was the “pack leader”. Once this was  remedied, via simple and consistent exercises, there was an amazing “trickle-down” effect. Shep’s anxiety, nipping, barking and other annoyances became a thing of the past. I couldn’t recommend Mr. Brady’s services any more enthusiastically. – Dave Pye, owner of Boston Terriers Pixie & Shepherd | Portland, Ont.

“Doug is friendly and articulate – a great teacher!  What he teaches makes sense, and he demonstrates it easily.” – Laurie Howes | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug has made such a difference for me.  I love his methods – gentle corrections and praise. He is so calm and tweaked his methods to suit my problem. I have seen a huge change, and it”s been amazing.” – Rachael  C. | Kingston, Ont.

“Within half an hour, he had my seriously aggressive American Bulldog under control, and what he’s shown me has made a huge difference.” – Brent McMullin | Kingston, Ont.

“I was amazed at how fast my dog learned through Doug’s methods, and how much I learned through Doug’s direction.” – Mike Purcell | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is an extremely knowledgeable dog therapist.  He understands the behaviour your dog, and will certainly help you clear up any issues.” – Cameron Trott | Kingston, Ont.

“I couldn’t believe the change in my dog’s behaviour after only one session!  Thanks so much, Doug.  Your simple methods are amazing!” – Sheila Amey / Odessa, Ont.

“Patient, Knowledgeable, and persistent.  Adapts sessions to dogs’ personality.  Professional at all times.” – Christine Salmon | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was a pleasure to work with, and he treated my very special puppy, “Charley”, very well.  Charley is well-behaved now thanks to Doug.” – Valerie Smith | Kingston, Ont.

“I have recommended Ain’t Misbehavin’ to several people, I am that pleased and confident in Doug Brady’s abilities.” – Lisa MacLean | Kingston, Ont.

“Excellent results using Doug’s techniques.  I had read the books, and knew the theory.  But Doug put it into action and the results were very impressive.” – Laurel Bates  | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug arrives onsite and immediately bonds with both dog and master. He will then begin obtaining real results without employing bullying, punishment or food incentives.  His successful techniques include quiet (but firm) persuasion, praise for results and often-overlooked training for the dogs’ owner.  ‘Zev’ and I always welcome Doug’s interaction.  He is indeed a dog’s best friend.” – Aaron Goldstein  | Kingston, Ont.

“My Jack Russell (who is deaf) is a much better dog now with adults and children.  He obeys his master through sign language and has become a much happier dog.  Thanks, Doug!” – L. Street | Gananoque, Ont.

“I highly recommend Doug.  Doug loves the dogs. Excellent way to train them. The dogs were always happy to see him.” – Serge Abbott | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug Brady did a really great job helping to train my puppy, Jasper.  I would definitely recommend his services to anyone.” – Ursula De Souza | Kingston, Ont.

“I was very happy with the service provided and the techniques used by Doug Brady.” – Michelle Healey | Kingston, Ont.

“I am extremely happy with his service.  I have two dogs and it worked out well.” – Beverly Faria | Kingston, Ont.

“I think he taught me a lot so I would be able to handle my dog better.  Doug is patient, calm and excellent.” – C. Heasler | Kingston, Ont.

“Ain’t Misbehavin’ helped me manage my dogs and made my life that much easier.” – Jill & Rob Stewart | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was very helpful and friendly and provided all the tools…knowledge… needed to help train my dog.  Toby now heels almost perfectly, both on and off-leash.” – Sarah Jacoba | Kingston, Ont.

“Thank you Doug for all your help with Lucy.  Your practical and effective suggestions were easy to follow and have enabled us to establish and define our leadership roles.  We noticed results after 1 session…and they were all positive.  Lucy has become more relaxed and managable and both she and her owners are much happier.  Thank you!” – Mari & Claire Kelly | Kingston, Ont.

“Very professional and focused on our needs. Great results!” – Jordan & Melissa Sinclaire | Kingston, Ont.

“We hated locking Logan up when we left the house — after Doug’s visit we can now leave him out…and the only thing we have to clean are the nose prints on the window where he people watches all day!  Thanks Doug!!” – Jeff & Jessica Greenwood | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is great!  Taught me lots of fundamental ‘dog psychology’ that was very useful.  My dog, Mako, absolutely loves but still respected Doug. He’s great with animals!” – Shan Thamandas | Kingston, Ont. *

“We found Doug to be calm, quiet and patient – concentrated totally on our dogs and us without any other idle chatter.  Wonderful session!” – Sherry & Drew Potter | Gananoque, Ont.

“I am very impressed with the much-needed and incredibly helpful techniques Doug applied to my 4.5 month old aggressive and mishebaved puppy, Maya.  His training strategies have been very successfull in correcting my previously naughty and anti-social pooch.  I would enthusiastically recommend Doug to anyone and everyone in need of a dog behaviourist!  He definitely has a heart/passion for dogs!” – Crystal Wittenburg | Westbrook, Ont.

“Very helpful.  I was very happy with our progress. Would recommend to anyone.” – Fernanda Fulton | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug explained how our dogs see the world and gave us some great tools to get them under control.” – Tyson & Erica Champagne | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is very professional and knowledgeable.  Within our first session we achieved what we were attempting to accomplish.  We will be using Doug’s services again in the future.” – Michael & Irene Ross | Sandhurst, Ont.

“Couldn’t believe how quickly we could see a change.” – Linda Veary | Kingston, Ont.

“This was really great training!  Osso has improved already.  He was so calm and explained everything so well.  I would recommend Doug to anyone.” – Carol-Lynn Holden | Kingston, Ont.

“We value the techniques used that don’t use gimmicks or tricks.” – Amanda Gilbert | Kingston, Ont.

“Highly recommend!  He has a way with dogs!  Doug can make a difference in your dog’s behaviour quickly and he expalins it so it all makes sense!” – Lori MacDonald | Amherstview, Ont.

“Very helpful!  Little corrections make a big difference!” – Kelly & Andrew Widdop | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was very patient with us and also our 2 pups.” – Ron & Sue Huryn | Kingston, Ont.

“Very happy and very helpful; our dog has made great progress.” –  John Tomlin | Kingston, Ont.

“We are very satisfied with the training our dog is getting and Doug explains his methods so we understand and is very patient with Keegan as well as with us, his owners.” – Dianne & Al Kermeed | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug taught my 2 dogs: sit, down, stay, and that I was their leader.  The instructions were easy to follow for both the dogs and myself and I’m now equipped to continue training them.” – Heather Corcoran | Napanee, Ont.

“Good experience.  Compassionate and firm with our dog.  Focussed on owner/dog relationship to build dog’s confidence.” –  Mike Coolry & Tina Demerling | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug Brady was very good at hands-on aspect of the training, not just theoretical (or demonstration) aspects.” – Robert Evans & Layla Cassim | Kingston, Ont.

“Dexter responded well to the approach.  Instruction was clear.  Great calming manner.” – Rhonda and Neil Candey | Perth Road Village, Ont.

“Very insightful and thorough training.  Thanks a million.” – Amanda & Myles Poirier | Kingston, Ont.

“We would absolutely use Ain’t Misbehavin’ again. Doug Brady has a way of communicating with dogs and owners that is very professional.  He is very gentle with the dogs and gets the desired result every time.  Our dogs are much easier to manage and it has enabled us to take them anywhere.  We would very highly recommend Doug and his services to anyone.” – Robin Lynn MacNeil  | Kingston, Ont.

“Very good session – Parker responded well to a gentle manner.” – Paddy Crossman | Kingston, Ont.

“The training was very easy to follow and I saw a difference in our dog’s behaviour immediately!” – Barry & Colleen Clarke | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was able to correct my small dog’s biting my toddler by showing me ways to show the dog that my toddler was off limits.  It was great, my dog loves Doug!” – Angela Bryant | Kingston, Ont.

“Immediate difference after first session. Like a whole different dog. We appreciated the help.” – Tim Reynolds | Kingston, Ont.

“I thought the information provided was outstanding!  I didn’t realize how easy it would be to properly train my dog.” – Krista LeBlanc | Kingston, Ont.

“Great ideas that work!” – Susan Pindur | Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was excellent at demonstrating his techniques and very patient with the dogs. We have seen an improvement within a week.”  –  Terry Roach | Kingston, Ont.

“Very helpful!! ”  –  Joan Lacoursiere / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is a fantastic dog  trainer.  He is just like ‘The Dog Whisperer’ and has shown me that my husky IS trainable.”  –  Gail Kempton / Gananoque, Ont.

“The “Doug” whisperer understands dogs on their level.  He teaches dogs and owners how to enjoy each other in harmony.”  –  Dave Bull / Amherstview, Ont.

“Very helpful.  First time I’ve been able to walk the dog and not be taken for a walk.”  –  Christina Rice / Verona, Ont.

“Very knowledgeable.  Firm but kind at the same time.”  –  Linda Beatty / Kingston, Ont.

“Great Information!!!” –  Steph Lothian / Kingston, Ont.

“I learned some good techniques that have really helped walking with ‘Finnigan’.”  –  Pam Thompson / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug gave us very practical and helpful advice.  Watching him work so successfully with ‘Finley’ gave us the motivation and confidence to try the methods, to great success.  ‘Finley’ and we are much happier now.  We’ve recommended him to lots of dog-loving folks.”  –  Wendy Luella & Charlie W. / Kingston, Ont.

“Very satisfied with the methods that were taught.  Our doberman has never listened so well.  He finally seems to understand what we are telling him.”  –  Victoria Gibson  / Kingston, Ont.

“Thanks Doug for taking the time to train my kids as well as the dog!  I’ve certainly done a 180 on how I communicate with ‘Elvis’.”  –  Lynne Drake / Kingston, Ont.

“After 11 years, it took less than two hours to have a new dog.  A great dog.  Thank you so much!”  –  Leigh Palmer / Kingston, Ont.

“Very nice, gentle manner with Lola.  She responded positively immediately.”  –  Talia Acker / Kingston, Ont.

“Very good at teaching our ‘Teddy’ to stay.  Very helpful as he no longer charges out the front door.”  –  Gillian O’Driscoll / Kingston, Ont.

“Excellant instruction!  We learned a lot (especially about the errors we have made).  Great Results!”  –  Nick & Michelle Manoukarakis / Kingston, Ont.

“Effective techniques – clearly demonstated – with good follow-up reinforcement.”  –  Denise Prosser / Kingston, Ont.

“I didn’t realize just how simple the methods are to train one’s dog.  Thanks Doug.”  –  Ryan Hutchins / Kingston, ont.

“Thank you, Doug.  Mavis is really responding to her new role as ‘follower’.  We learned a lot in just one session.”  –  Kelly Goode / Kingston, Ont.

“Basic methods, but so useful!  I can’t wait to keep using them to see how ‘Keeda’ improves.  Just day # one and she is already walking better on the leash!  Great methods!!”  –  Ashley Villeneuve / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug has done amazing things with the dog.  We recommend his work.  Thanks to him our dog is responding much better.”  –  Isabel Hanley / Kingston, Ont.

“Wonderful job working with ‘Blazer’.  Especially with the food aggression.”  –  Janice Parker / Westbrook, Ont.

“Very happy with the results!  We learned so many things about dog behaviours and would highly recommend “Ain’t Misbehavin’ ” to our friends!”  –  Kathy & Randy Hawley / Kingston, Ont.

“Thanks, Doug.  We were impressed with your advice and techniques for making our walks with Amber more enjoyable.”  –  Tricia Branscombe / Kingston, Ont.

“Immediate results that brought calm to the household.”  –  Sarah & James Black / (‘Wally’, ‘Sneakers’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug understands both dogs and their owners!  He worked with our Cocker Spaniel to overcome her serious food aggression, and taught us how to deal with it.  Although it was tough going at times, Doug remained unflappable, calm and in charge.  He has set us all on the path to stress-free meal times for our dog.”  –  Hilda & Gaston McAdam / (‘Eva’) / Inverary, Ont.

“Thank you so much!  The main problem we were having with Charlie was walking on a leash.  15 minutes of your time showed us many new techniques.  Perhaps in future you could provide a rate for a 30 minute ‘walk’.  For those of us who have difficulty with the leash, just going for a walk with you would be very helpful.”  –  Andrew Champion / (‘Charlie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“It was a wonderful experience.  In less than 2 hours my three dogs were well behaved on a leash and in my house.  It was the difference I needed with my dogs.  It was amazing.”  –  Marla Rosen / (‘Gino’, ‘Bud’, ‘Chanel’) / Kingston, Ont.

“The training sessions were very helpful.  I would definitely use “Aint Misbehavin’ ” again and would recommend to others.  Great approach!  Reinforced training owners and the dog.  Friendly and informative.”  –  Tim Morey / (‘Charlotte’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Very professional!  Very similar to Cesar Milan (Dog Whisperer).  This was an eye-openning experience.  I learned so much.”  –  Linda Murphy / (‘Petey’, ‘Daisey’, ‘Tao’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was amazing!  He used a professional approach along with compassion and love towards our puppy, ‘Lou’.  He is very knowledgeable and we are grateful for his services!  Definitely worth it!  Lou says, “Thank you!”. ”  –  Concetta & Len Buragina / (‘Lou’) / Kingston, ont.

“Very good experience.  It helped a lot.  Doug Brady has a wonderful way with Annie, our Beagle.  He taught her to be much more obedient.  I couldn’t have done it without him.  I recommend him to anyone.”  –  Fran Steinberg / (‘Annie’) / Bath, Ont.

“We have 2 German Shepherds; one being a 120 lb bully who had the whole house in a total uproar.  Doug helped us to both calm this beast and also get the upper hand on almost all misbehaviour around here.  We now have a kinder, gentler home and tranquillity ensues.”  –  Carol Wilson / (‘Max’, ‘Moxy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug taught us more in 1 hour than we learned in several puppy classes previously.  He’s amazing.  Maggie listened to him from the get-go.”  –  Laird & Julie Leeder / (‘Maggie’) / Amherst Island, Ont.

“Doug is very knowledgeable and concise.  He gave us a lot to work with.  We would/will recommend him to others.  Very excellant service!”  –  Troy & Barb Bergeron / (‘Durango’) / Perth, Ont.

“Very helpful, knowledgeable – He worked within my physical disabilities and helped accommodate my learning disabilities.  It was great to be able to watch and then practice under supervision.”  –  Michelle Webb / (‘Silas’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Wonderful help!  We were so concerned with our dogs escalations and feared they would hurt someone.  With one session we understand them so much better and gained so much confidence that we’ll be a happy pack!!  Fantastic!!”  –  Bev & Bernie Thibodeau / Kingston Ont.

“Doug was calm and soft-spoken but firm with Gracie.  She instantly started to walk properly and she is calmer on her walks, meeting other dogs and people.”  –  Bob & Joan Sauvageau / (‘Gracie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Excellant service the first visit.”  –  Joan Tranmer / (‘Julia’, ‘Mataya’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug has communicated extremely well with both our dogs and with us.  His simple but effective techniques have provided excellant results and have greatly increased the pleasure of the dog/master relationship.  Doug is truly a “Dog Whisperer”.  We would highly recommend his services without reservation.”  –  Jerry & Lisa Seymour / (‘Kura’, ‘Babe’, ‘Simon’, ‘Coco’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“Doug is amazing.  He has helped with my dogs pulling on the leash, my Red Heeler being aggressive to the other dog and taught me to be calm and relaxed as I follow through with the training.”  –  Janet Meeks / (‘Callie’) / Verona, Ont.

“What great advice!  I’ve never seen anyone do such a good job in such a short time.  Looking forward to a happy and fun time with my little Buster!”  –  Vicky Walker / (‘Buster’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Really explained the basics of being a leader.  Helped me understand how to have the best relationship possible with my dog.  Great methods that are gentle and without treats – which is great!”  –  Kendra Link / (‘Jemma’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug Brady has an amazing gift of understanding a dog’s world.  Consistent and unwanted behaviour can easily be corrected when you have the right teacher.  Doug is informative and professional and I highly recommend him!”  –  Heather Braunstein / (‘Daisey’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Exceptional professional experience.”  –  Trish Crawford / (‘Lucky’, ‘Cocoa’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Very satisfied with the information and guidance given.  Happy with how the information was applied.”  –  Nick Bohdanec / Kingston, Ont.

“The session with Doug and our dog Sasha was not only informative and effective but we now know that with a little effort we can include Sasha more in our daily lives and we are very grateful for that!  Thank you so very much!!!”  –  Gary & Brigitte Taylor / (‘Sasha’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was amazing.  He helped us learn how to walk Maezy downtown.  She had been very anxious before.  Doug helped us to know what Maezy needs.  His advice helped to change the few minor behaviour issues Maezy had.”  –  Maureen Lasulles / (‘Maezy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Even after just 1 session I’ve noticed a big change with Max.  We took him for a walk to a market today without any incident.  It was much more relaxed and enjoyable for all of us.”  –  Louise Wilson / (‘Max’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Very helpful!  I noticed a dramatic difference in my dogs behaviour in only one hour!!”  –  Angie Lagacy / (‘Mojo’, ‘Esme’) / Kingston, Ont.

“I feel much more confident in my ability to control and train and achieve a well-balanced dog.”  –  Celine Simmers / (‘Fred’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Very helpful tips!  I’m sure life will be easier and our dogs happier!”  –  Michelle & Doug Williamson / (‘Cho-Cho’, ‘Buki’) / Kingston, Ont.

“For years we had modified our life and habits to accomodate Jeds’ quirks and behaviours.  In just one session Doug proved to us how easily we could take back control and have the wonderful pet we always knew Jed could be.  We’ll all be happier and have fun working together on the training.”  –  Judy & Barry O’Sullivan / (‘Jed’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Behaved well under Dougs’ control.  I just have to practise the techniques he’s shown me myself.”  –  Sarah Amey / (‘Willow’, ‘Bailey’, ‘Kayla’) / Kingston, Ont.

(Session 1) “Amazing!  Lots of excellant help –  most especially the calm, cool demeanor.  We are excited to keep working on these issues.”  –  (Session 2) “Fantastic Sessions!  Huge improvement right away.  Thank you so much!!  I feel so much more comfortable answering the door already.  Joey is a different dog.”  –  Irene & Jack Mihaljek / (‘Joey’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is a very calm and professional individual.  His techniques were very easy to learn as well as effective.  Our dog responded extremely well to his training.  We have already recommended him numerous times to our friends.”  –  Serge Comeau & Nicole Johnson / (‘Kali’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Wonderful service provided at a very reasonable cost!”  –  Alex Kriss / (‘Moe’) / Kingston, Ont.

“This trainer provided considerable expertise, helped several aspects of behaviour, and taught us the skills we needed to enjoy our dog more.”  –  Eddie & Veronica Lloyd / (‘Murphy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Excellant instructions/training for both dog and owners.  Thanks Doug!”  –  Lori Vielfaure & Michelle Duddridge / (‘Newton’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Very specific instructions and immediate, desired results.  Efficient and generous with time.  Thank you.”  –  Margaret Thompson / (‘Marlin’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Lilo responded very well to Doug and he gave us lots of good tools and skills to use.”  –  Sherri Hoover / (‘Lilo’) / Frontenac South, Ont.

“Very helpful to our whole family and he creates great relationships with dogs.”  –  Margaret Ross & Brian Blowes / (‘Lola’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Within an hour he had 2 aggressive boxers able to stay in a room together without being held.  Absolutely amazing!” – Amber Burnett / (‘Ghost’, ‘Bailey’, ‘Hannah’) / Perth, Ont.

“Amazing results and help in such a short period of time!” – Lou & Darlene Stabile / (‘Jeffrey’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Wonderful and patient.  Changed our dog’s demeanor within a few hours.” – Patrick & Jenny Mercier / (‘Cooper’) / Odessa, Ont.

“I like the explainations he gives along with the training. (He even came back for a free follow-up visit.)” – Leslie & Jonathan Rose / (‘Lucy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Thank you for making our daily walks a pleasureable experience again!” – Michelle Pacquin / (‘Bennigan’, ‘Simba’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Concerned manner involving the well being of Ava and the family as a whole!  (Very professional with good follow-up)” – Erin & Jon Lyons / (‘Ava’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We have 2 very large dogs that had gotten out of control.  Doug was so good…..he did not just tell us what to do, he showed us, then had us do it.  And it’s working.  Such a wonderful help.  Thank you so much for helping us!” – Sandra and Beth Doyle / (‘Lucas’, ‘Olive’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was amazing!  He has given us the insight we needed to know to move forward – with ‘Leo’ (puppymill rescue) especially.  We are so thankful!!!” – Lucy Beattie / (‘Leo’, ‘Cedric’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is ‘Chai’s’ angel.  We adopted ‘Chai’ from the Humane Society and she had so many problems, including biting.  Doug saved Chai (and our arms)!  We still have a lot of work to do, but we now have great tools to do it.” – Tara & Chris Vanderveer / (‘Chai’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We were satisfied with the quality of service provided – the methods used were appropriate and professional – the training session was helpful – we would use Ain’t Misbehavin’ again and would recommend Ain’t Misbehavin’ to others.” – Heather Smith & Karen Soria / (‘Nina’) / Gananoque, Ont.

“We have 4 dogs that each have their own challenges.  Doug came in and identified each of their problems and gave us the tools to deal with our dynamic situation.  Doug is very knowledgeable and had a way with the dogs immediately.  If you are having dog troubles, I would recommend trying Doug before any others  –  dealing with your dogs in your own environment with Doug is a better choice than the services offered that remove your animals for training.” – Bryan &Tanya Compeau / (‘Dexter’, ‘Braxton’, Bosley’, ‘Zoey’) / Inverary, Ont.

“I have already recommended Doug to friends.  He was very knowledgeable and full of great ideas on how to train a head-strong dog.  I now feel more confident in what I need to do to have a great dog, and for the whole family to enjoy her.” – Julie & Peter Lossing / (‘Toffee’) / Belleville, Ont.

“Very supportive, non-judgemental approach.  Very calm.” – Vicki Kilpatrick / (‘Candy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was a tremendous help in restoring peace in our home.  Also, I can now walk my three dogs together and enjoy myself.” – Lynne Arnold / (‘Amber’, ‘Denny’, ‘Pippin’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“Very useful methods.  Practical and it makes sense.” – Christine & Brad Harmsen / (‘Wrigley’) / Sydenham, Ont.

“Well prepared with great tips.  Very professional and knowledgeable.” – Joanne Bignell / (‘Lexi’) / Gananoque, Ont.

“When our pup started misbehaving, Doug came and gave us the tools we needed to get us all on track.  Thank you!!” – Tom & Sandra Beninger / (‘Sam’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We found Doug to be very knowledgeable and while our dog did not have behavioural problems, we still learned a lot of tricks for a more comfortable relationship.” – Brad & Kathy Thompson / (‘Beau’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We learned a lot about our dogs’ behaviour, as well as our own, and how they are related.  Doug has excellant advice about how to handle tricky situations.” – Tom Whalen & Marcie Thurlby / (‘Rover’) / Kingston, Ont.

“The training sessions were helpful and we would use “Ain’t Misbehavin’ ” again in the future.  We have already recommended Doug to friends.” – Norma Woods & Dave Ross / (‘Neeka’) / Bath, Ont.

“Doug was very patient with me and is very knowledgeable.  He spent at least three hours with me and the dog.  Two days later I needed more guidance and he came right away to help at no charge.” – Diane Armstrong / (‘Tiny’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Thank you Doug.  We will continue with the training you have provided us with Cleo.  Great job!” – Paul & Julie Ricard / (‘Cleo’) / Gananoque, Ont.

“Doug showed us what little things we were missing that helped show our dog that we are always in control.  Thank you!” – Kelly Barber / (‘Mr. Muggles’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We had Doug come to help curb any bad behaviours and he made it easy for us to understand how to work with Bella.  We highly recommend Doug!” – Ashley Goodsell & Taylor Watson / (‘Bella’) / Bath, Ont.

“Doug showed a high level of understanding of our dogs’ behaviours.  Two hours of useful pointers and suggestions have given us a lot of tools to work with.  We were very satisfied.” – Rob & Kelly Aitchison / (‘Gizmo’, ‘Stella’) / Gananoque, Ont.

“Very helpful – much easier to control our dog!” – Rick & Rita Marks / (‘Marshall’) / Seeleys Bay, Ont.

“Wonderful!  I finally understand my dogs!  Amazing.  Thank you!” – Laura Fannon / (‘Stu’, ‘Walter’) / Napanee, Ont.

“Doug was very helpful and we would recommend him.  ‘Oscar’ took to him right away and we learned many great techniques to train him.” – Bob & Patsy Martin / (‘Oscar’) / Gananoque, Ont.

“He really helped me to understand how to correct Sam’s behaviour” – Amelia dwyer / (‘Sam’) / Kingston, Ont.

“I really like your technique!  I understood the importance and methods of being a leader to Emmit and setting the foundations in the relationship with him that are key in moving forward and progressing behaviourally.  I appreciated the basic exercises to work on that reinforce this leader-dog relationship.  You communicated ‘how’ to act as leader very well – how to be calm and appear decisive and in charge (in your dogs’ eyes) in any situation – how not to be emotional at the wrong times – how to be matter-of-fact, clear, and calm.  I have been practicing your techniques with Emmit and he’s responding well!  Thanks Doug!” – Carla Bostock / (‘Emmit’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Thanks so much!  Looking forward to implementing your recommendations with Spencer.” – Alison Tomney / (‘Spencer’) / Delta, Ont.

“I don’t know what you did with our old dog, but we really like the new one!  Zeke hasn’t even tried to attack another dog or tried to bite us in over two weeks now and seems much more relaxed and happy.  He’s the dog we always wanted.  Thanks a million!!!” – Dan & Cheryl Atkinson / (‘Zeke’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was wonderful with our very energetic puppy.  His training of “us” and Molly began at the door.  Doug is professional and has a calm, firm, but kind approach.  Molly soon saw him as a pack leader and we could ‘see’ an improvement in her behaviour.  Doug left us feeling confident to carry on his instructions and we would not hesitate to recommend him.” – Wendy & Gary Conway / (‘Molly’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Great Stuff!  Thank you so much.” – Candy & Rick Meade / (‘Bella’) / Napanee, Ont.

“I would recommend ‘Doug’ to any dog owner who requires help.  Doug worked with our Boston Terrier for problems walking on leash and behaviour issues meeting other dogs.  Absolutely amazing results.” – Audrey & Paul Belair / (‘Mitzy’, ‘Brando’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug has an amazing rapport with dogs!  He had Lexy charmed in a very short time.  We are working at following his example of patience and consistency and little by little we are seeing progress.” – Joan Armstrong & Michael Jenkins / (‘Lexy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“I would call Doug again if I were to have more concerns.  He is an awesome trainer and taught me a lot!  Thank you so much!” – Lucy Maheu / (‘Pepper’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug makes the rules simple and we’ve made a lot of  progress with Sophie.” – Stephen Southall / (‘Sophie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Within minutes Diego was hanging on Doug’s every word and he was not only able to train him, but trained us as well.  I could not speak any more highly of Doug’s methods.  Thank you!” – Sasha McLaughlin / (‘Diego’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“Some great advice was provided along with some techniques that we are going to practice as well as simple things like  consistency and showing who is the leader – it’s working really well and has had a ‘huge’ effect.” – Sumi & Daya Nadarajah / (‘Mia’) / Kingston, Ont.

“My 4 year old (172 lb Great Dane) rescue ‘Dane’ knew only one way to greet another dog.  The wrong way.  In one session, Doug showed him how to do it the right way.  Thank you so much Doug.  You are great!” – Harry & Carrol Smith / (‘Dane’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug very swiftly figured out Molly’s problem and the solutions.  The exercises turned her into a completely new dog.  Much nicer to live with!” – Ruth Dubin / (‘Molly’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug gave us the tools and knowledge to deal with our dogs who weren’t getting along.  He gave us exercises to help them bond, and showed us the proper reactions to deal with misbehaviours.  I would definitely recommend.” – Lauren Lawlor / (‘Angus’, ‘Chloe’) / Wilton, Ont.

“It was great learning tips and tricks to get our dog to listen and behave better.  We have already recommended Ain’t Misbehavin’ to a bunch of friends and family who would benefit from a session!  Thanks Doug!” – Erin & Brandon Sheard / (‘Browning’) / Kingston, Ont.

“The instructions given helped us to better understand our dogs behaviour and enabled us to assume leadership within the pack.” – Dave & Diane Mitchell / (‘Brutus’, ‘Chimo’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was very effective and very professional.  He really understands dogs!” – Teri Wilson / (‘Fenway’, ‘Parker’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We were thrilled to be taught the basics and realize how easy it can be – Doug is great!” – Bruno & Tiffany Halstead / (‘Brutus’, ‘Cloe’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“We have seen huge improvements in a short time.  Doug is very knowledgeable and great with dogs.” – Chris & Lindsay Raison / (‘Maverick’) / Brockville, Ont.

“Completely bowled over.  I learned so many things!  All strategies made sense and worked even when “Gabby” got ‘mulish’.  (The best was with the kids in the park as we have small grandchildren).  You are amazing!!!” – Bob & Janice Shaw / (‘Gabby’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug assisted us with our high anxiety Border Collie.  He gave us tips and kept it simple.  His methods were effective and we continue to see improvement every day.” – Larry & Karen Cray / (‘Trapper’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We contacted Doug to deal with serious behaviour issues we were having with our rescue dog, ‘Riley’.  Since his visit, we have followed his advice and there have been great improvements.  I can’t speak highly enough about the help he has been able to provide to my family.  If you are having a problem I would urge you to call Doug as soon as possible so that you can enjoy your time with your pet instead of worrying every time you have to take them out.” – Kevin Stuart / Camden East, Ont. / (‘Riley’)

“Thank you so much for your assistance with Katie.  You really do provide an amazing service and we are truly grateful.  Your gentle and effective methods are so helpful!   She calms quickly now when I come home and her barking is greatly minimized.  Thank you so much!!!!” – Tom & Lori Keyes / Kingston, Ont. / (“Katie”)

“This session was very informative.  I think everyone who has a pet should consider this service….the earlier the better.  Doug has a very calm, gentle approach.  This was an extremely useful and enjoyable experience.” –  Peggy Cruickshank / Kingston, Ont. / (“Rufus”)

“Very, very happy with the training provided to both our dogs and us.  Doug solved multiple behaviour problems in just one visit!” – Angela & Dylan Meinema / Kingston, Ont. / (‘Nova’,  ‘Zena’)

“Great tips and knowledge – Thank you so much!!!” – Elizabeth Goddard-Hill / (‘Charlie’) / Belleville, Ont.

“Doug was very helpful and nice.  He explained to us why we were having problems with our dog and gave us useful, practical strategies to correct them.  Thanks!” – JJ & Katlynne Gow / (‘Dyson’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Wonderful!  We learned a lot.” – Shane & Tiffany Vandervelde / (‘Minnie’) / Brockville, Ont.

“Excellent response from the dog – the best way to off-leash handling.” – Roman & Terrie Polywkan / (‘Zoey’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was a great help with my two Labrador Retrievers who were presenting a significant challenge with lots of pulling while walking on a leash.” – Matt & Katrina Idatt / (‘Deco’ ‘Finn’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug was very professional.  I saw a good improvement with my dog Reece in the short time we were with Doug.  He gave us really great tools to work with Reece.  While we need more time to see a huge improvement, I feel confident that we now are going to be able to.” –   Trevor & Kara Anderson / (‘Reece’) / Enterprise, Ont.

“We had trouble walking our dog as she couldn’t be handled around cars or other dogs.  Doug showed us how to solve the problem and watched as we practiced the techniques.  He is full of useful information and uses a kind approach (no yelling or harsh methods).  We are so glad we called him.” – Barrie & Karen MacLean / (‘Macy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug gave me the framework to understand how my dog thinks.  He gave me the tools to use with my dog so that we can live harmoniously together!  Doug uses practical techniques with proven results!” – Tara Fairhead / (‘Trooper’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Thank you for your professional help and guidance with our rescue dog, Ralph.  You gave us a whole new perspective on leadership with Ralph and we better understand him as a dog.  Using your techniques, we know that we can help Ralph be the best dog he can be.  Thank you!!” – Ashok Menen & Kizzy Roy / (‘Ralph’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We have already seen a different Reno toward the puppy.  Doug was amazing with our dog.  He essentially taught ‘us’ how to be better dog owners.  He is an excellent dog handler too!” – Tim & Sherry Mallory / (‘Reno’) / Gananoque, Ont.

“Though I had been through several dog training classes I still had problems with our 8 year old rescue dog being aggressive, barking all the time, and soiling the house.  Doug gave us techniques that worked, and worked immediately.  Watching Doug work with Oreo gave me insight on how to calmly correct Oreo’s behaviour.  I was impressed with his gentleness and how quickly Oreo calmed down.  I wasn’t even trying to train him not to bark when outside, but I think because he is less anxious now, he doesn’t bark at strangers at all.  It also didn’t take him long to learn to walk beside or behind me with a slack leash.  I now have a dog who is not aggressive, does not bark at people on the street, and his house training is light years better.  What’s even better is that Oreo is now even more affectionate and devoted.  All of this within the span of a few weeks.  I really will be recommending you to anyone who is having difficulty with their dog.” – Sarah Tziang / (‘Oreo’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Simple, easy instructions that even my 10 year-old daughter can follow and use.” – Tracy Hausen / (‘Charlie’) / Inverary, Ont.

“Extremely informative and answered all questions asked.  Very helpful!!” – Brad & Tamara Kishka / (‘Ryder’) / Brockville, Ont.

“Methods that seem easy to continue to use and duplicate after our session.” – John, Joanne and Taylor Van Luven / (‘Hunter’) / Inverary, Ont.

“Nothing but good things to say.  We saw improvement with our possessive/aggressive Lab during the session.” – Vicky and David Peterson / (‘Toby’,’Whisper’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“Very helpful.  We learned a lot.” – Bud Winkleman / (‘Buddy’) / Wolfe Island, Ont.

“Very impressed with the knowledge and techniques used.  2 very out-of-control dogs were stopping at doorways, lying down, staying, etc. on command by the end of 2 hours.  I will be incorporating the training techniques shown me on a daily basis and I will definitely be recommending Doug and  ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ ‘ !” – Donna Easton / (‘Spike’, ‘Molly’) / Godfrey, Ont.

“Everything taught to us was useful and valuable.  We realize that it will be a work in progress but it makes sense and we now have the knowledge and tools to help our dogs’ behaviour.  We enjoyed the session and look forward to working together with our dog.  Thank you!!” – Gord & Trish Macleod / (‘Sierra’) / Leeds and the Thousand Islands, Ont.

Follow-up E-mail – (4) days later:    “Hi Doug…just wanted to follow up with you from Sunday when you were out.  We have had a miraculous change with Sierra.  She is truly a different dog.  We – especially Gord – have continued to work with her using everything you taught us.  You actually saved her from a rescue as that was our next option.  Thank you thank you ! !” – Trish Macleod / (‘Sierra’)

“Great experience!  Doug worked wonders with our dog who had major issues meeting new dogs.  Very knowledgeable and we had a major breakthrough with our dog.  Everyone should call.” – Kerry & Cam Ollson / (‘Jackson’) / Elginburg, Ont.

“What a delight!!  I got the fine tweeking I so desperately needed to gain the control I had been lacking.  Excellent!” – Louise Granda / (‘Sadie’ , ‘Samantha’) / Belleville, Ont.

“The session was extremely helpful, gave us lots to work with, and we would use “Ain’t Misbehavin’ ” again.” – Tanya & Paul Cordeiro / (‘Sadie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Three weeks after Doug’s first visit, we had our family over for dinner and they could not believe the change in our girls.” – Sharon Spencer & Steve Reitz / (‘Whysper’ , ‘Bailee’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We really appreciated your time!” – Christine & Kevin Blanchard / (‘Sequoia’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug helped us to understand the mentality of a dog so that we can understand the way they think, and behave, and why.   It was like he turned on a light in a dark room.” – Ulyses & Melissa Walker / (‘Jorge’ , ‘Petey’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is a life saver.  I was almost to the point of thinking I had to return my Jack Russell Terrier, ‘Justin’, to the rescue organization he came from due to the biting and psychotic behaviour.  Doug’s kind but firm guidance corrected my behaviour, and my Jack Russell Terriers’ in one visit.” – Arlene Seale / (‘Justin’) / Loughborough Lake, Ont.

Follow-up E-mail – (Next Day):    “Thank you SO much for all you taught us yesterday.  Already I see such a change in ‘Justin’ (and me!).  I am thrilled and my hope has been restored.  You can absolutely use this for a testimonial and I would be happy to provide e-mail or phone references as well.” – Arlene & ‘Justin’  Seale

“Great job training both us and Kaley.” – Rob & Nancy Van Hausen / (‘Kaley’) / Collins Bay, Ont.

“Doug was a miracle worker.  We can’t wait to see our dog improve over the next couple of weeks with us employing his techniques.” – Jonathan & Ashley Theis / (‘Izzy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Very professional, and easy to understand.  My 5 year-old German Short-Haired Pointer and my 11 week-old German Short-Haired Pointer were both very responsive to his lessons.  Thank you very much.”  – Chris & Blythe Mousley / (‘Reese’ , ‘Anna’) / Inverary, Ont.

“We were very pleased and we saw behaviour changes almost immediately.  Our neighbor commented that he liked our new dogs!  That really says it all.”  – Phil & Janet Pawliuk / (‘Marshall’ , ‘Jackson’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Great service!  It changed our dog and our lives substantially.  I was impressed with the careful explanations of our dogs behaviour, the follow-up calls, and the genuine caring Doug has expressed…..  Thank you Doug!  You have helped us immensely!” – Graham & Melanie Hanna / (‘Sophie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Great training tips…very knowledgeable and very helpful.  Thank you!” – Mike & Katie Sanders / (‘Emma’ , ‘Luke’) / Napanee, Ont.

“Doug was great at showing us how to be better pack leaders for Bobby the Scottie.  I would recommend Doug to anyone.” – Jim & Emma Terfry / (‘Bobby’) / Kingston, Ont,

“Worked on food guarding…Bear has allowed me to approach him, touch him, his bones, and even handle his food while eating without issue since that one session.  Thank you so much!” – Michelle De La Roche / (‘Bear’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“Doug was very friendly and easy to work with.  His tips and training methods made total sense to me.  This training session was very helpful.” – Josh Clare / (‘Dougie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“I was satisfied with this professional, and helpful service.  I would use it again and have recommended him a number of times already.  Doug has a calm and positive way with the dogs.  He ‘models’ the appropriate behaviour for the owner and shows you ‘how’ to get the desired results.  So, he is really training the dog ‘and’ the owner!  The dogs were very responsive to him.” – Naomi Mori / (‘Chico’ , ‘Jiggy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is Awesome!  Very patient.  Our dog learned tons of things.  A great experience for owners and pets!” – Elizabeth Jodoin & Elizabeth Toronni / (‘Tiger’) / Kingston, Ont.

Follow-up E-Mail – (6 weeks after session):     “The progress Krugar has made has been nothing short of…Amazing!  Over the last few weeks in particular, he has shown DRASTIC improvement.  I have used all of the different tricks and tips that you showed me every time I am in Krugar’s  presence and it is paying off.  In the last two days I have had three people tell me Krugar has made serious improvements without me even telling them that I have been working with him regularly.  He is much more patient and calm.  He listens and responds to me more quickly, and most of all, he is much more obedient when people visit.  He respects me more and now just wants to make me happy.  When my girlfriend or I play with him outside, we haven’t had an issue with him running off at other dogs in over a month.  He stays with us even when there are people and dogs running around everywhere.  I am much happier with the new relationship that Krugar and I have built and I want to thank you and for you to know that I appreciate what you have done for us very much.” – Jared Mustard / (‘Krugar’) / Lyndhurst, Ont.

“Thank you, Doug.  Your assistance was most useful and effective!  You present the essential concepts well, and then demonstrate them with the dogs…and then give us all a chance to practice them.  Very successful!!  Thank you.”  – Beverly Hunter / (‘Alfred’ , ‘Talie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Joni and I had a great experience with Doug.  He helped me to understand why Joni behaves and reacts the way she does and what drives Joni’s behaviour.  With his simple techniques, I noticed a change right away.  Highly recommended!”  – Belinda Resendes / (‘Joni’) / Kingston,  Ont.

“We had very positive results in just a couple of days.  Especially helpful was Doug’s suggestion to get our pup to feel comfortable swimming”  – Mike & Janet Jackson / (‘Hannah’) / Lansdowne, Ont.

“Very helpful….especially in the walking and the use of hand signals….the inside and outside training was exceptional.”  – Amber Hopkins / (‘Harley’) / Bath, Ont.

“Doug taught me how to be a ‘successful’ leader.”  – Janice Paisley / (‘Daisey’ , ‘Bella’ , ‘Jessie’) / Deseronto, Ont.

“Very useful and clear directions….Happy with the outcome.”  – Tim & Anita Alton / (‘Oscar-Meyer’) / Sydenham, Ont.

“Doug came right away when we requested his help.  We noticed an immediate change in our dog.  He was very concerned about us and how we could improve our situation.  He has been back on several occasions and continues to help out.”  – Shawn & Jennifer Robertson / (‘Oscar’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug truly understands the nature of dogs and how to avoid the crucial mistakes we all make trying to train them.  His methods are easily learned with his ability to teach the handler with a hands on approach.  Highly recommended!”  – Cherry & Bill Bager / (‘Riley’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“We could not get collars on these older pups (about 12 mths), and we definitely could not walk them.  Two hours of help with Doug and all is well in our dog world.  Great results!”  – Wendall Reynolds / (‘Blue’ , ‘Chester’)/ Harrowsmith, Ont.

“I am very impressed with the techniques that were used.  It is very surprising the improvement we see with our Lilly already.  Thank you.”  – Leanne Serson / (‘Lilly’) / Westport, Ont.

“Doug is very professional and as soon as he met our dog ‘Indy’, he bonded with him and made us feel very comfortable.  Doug’s training was VERY helpful!  Thank you!!!”  – Dan & Shelby Young / (‘Indy’) / Kingston,  Ont.

“Doug is great!  He instantly got the respect from my dogs and explained to me in detail and showed me what I needed to do so they see me as their leader.  He changed our lives in a positive way.  Thanks Doug!”  – Brittany Lockwood / (‘Sushi’, ‘Kiwi’) / Newburgh, Ont.

“Doug was recommended to us by friends who were very happy with their results.  We were extremely happy with the work Doug did with our Lab.  ‘Bauer’ was very tough to take on walks because, as a large puppy, he would pull you right over!  Doug’s techniques were a life (as well as shoulder) saver.  ‘Bauer’ now is much more obedient and walks beside (instead of ahead) of us on a loose leash.  The other lessons as well have been extremely valuable and useful in gaining back control of our hyper puppy!!”  – Tony & Angela Daicar / (‘Bauer’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug Brady was exceptional with the training of our dogs.  It’s unbelievable what he accomplished in 2 hours.  We have been recommending him to everyone we know.  Thanks Doug!”  – Larry & Sue Seaman / (‘Charlie’, ‘Phil’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“The training session was VERY helpful!  Doug taught us how to communicate effectively with our dog using body language and signals that she can understand.  It has made a world of difference in our relationship with our dog!  We are so grateful to Doug.”  – Anne-Marie Bennett & Patrick Corbeil / (‘Turtle’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We could not get our 2 year-old Lab to walk on hardwood floors.  After less than an hour she would.  Doug showed us great methods to assist us going forward.”  – Lauren & Shane Reason / (‘Milly’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“Doug helped us with a rescue dog that had anxiety issues with men.  With the information and training, we have seen progress already!”  – Heather & Cosmo Lofaso / (‘Parker’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Very helpful tips and information regarding pulling on the leash…chasing the cats…and being the dog’s leader in all areas of our life.”  – Brady & Julie Martin / (‘Karma’) / Belleville, Ont.

“The training was precisely what we needed for Skye.  Doug is extremely patient and knowledgeable.  We would recommend him anytime!”  – Hazel & Wilf Kordts / (‘Skye’) / Collins Bay, Ont.

“My one year-old Shepherd, Kira, has responded beautifully to Doug’s training techniques and he has always been willing and available to follow up and address any questions or concerns about Kira and her training.”  – Ailsa Robertson / (‘Kira’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Thank you Doug!  You gave us the skills and confidence we needed to ensure our new puppy is happy.  You rescued us when we needed it!”  – Shauna Whiteside & Brian Campbell / (‘Basa’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Thank you again for all your help with Zev – we really appreciate it.  Doug was very helpful – he showed us techniques to help our huge German Shepherd rescue get along with our other dogs.”  – Paul & Lisa Malloy / (‘Zev’) / Perth, Ont.

“Doug showed us some training exercises and techniques to bring calmness into our home.  As long as we follow through, it will certainly help.  Doug was very helpful in this.”  – Brenda & Chris Gabovic / (‘Wyatt’, ‘Nitro’, ‘Diamond’, ‘Heidi’) / Grafton, Ont.

“Doug is amazing.  He knows what he is doing.”  – Pragathi Mulbagal / (‘Ray’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug taught me the importance of being the leader and that I own everything. :)”  – Steve & Lisa Bell / (‘Ernie’) / Maitland, Ont.

“Doug is absolutely awesome.  I needed help with what looked like aggression in our female German Shepherd…but he showed me that it was just misunderstood, and misguided energy…and she ‘needed’ me to be her pack leader to give her proper guidance.  His methods worked right away, and continue to work.  When I had another concern, he was happy to come back and help me out.  He makes dog training very simple and easy to apply.  The feeling of walking a well-trained dog is satisfying for both me, and my dog.  His help has transformed my relationship with her and I know that if I encounter any problems in the future, Doug will be there to help.  Thank you so much for everything!”  – Jasmine Hedley / (‘Stella’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Taught me lots of helpful daily in house types of exercises.”  – Scott Hopkins / (‘Ripken’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug amazed us with his ability to gain control of our dogs.  He quickly won their confidence and ours.  We learned a lot from Doug in just a two hour session.  Thanks Doug!”  – Steve & Carol Kemp / (‘Abbey’, ‘Maggie’, plus 8 other dogs) / Kingston, Ont.

“Molly is much more responsive to us now.  Graham and I are much clearer about what we are doing with Molly and why…and Molly is responding in kind.  In short, we are all doing fantastically.  Thank you Doug.”  – Graham Stewart & Deb Feldman-Stewart / (‘Molly’) / Bath, Loyalist Township, Ont.

“Doug obviously loves dogs and first and foremost is concerned that a warm and caring relationship is established between a pet and its’ owner.  He provided us with the information we needed to get started and some lesson plans which we are putting to good use.  We see improvements every day.”  – Annette & Larry Lunman / (‘Sophie’) / Mallorytown, Ont.

“So impressed with Doug!!!  He made me see that my little Border Collie rescue, ‘Twist’,  could be managed on a leash…and then off leash as well.  It was amazing!! :)”  – Charlene Rigby / (‘Twist’, ‘Tye’) / Tincap, Ont.

“Very dedicated and caring…a real professional.  He really loves animals.  I was open to learning and grateful for Doug’s help.”  – Robert Mayoff / (‘Charlie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Makes sense of the whole ‘leadership’ idea.  First visit was so helpful.  We needed this so much!”  – Karen & Rick Gregus / (‘Chance’) / Brockville, Ont.

“I was amazed at how Doug made working with my Husky rescue ‘Una’ a joy.  It made complete sense.  I would highly recommend Doug to anyone who wants to have a great relationship with their dog.”  – Jeannie Devine / (‘Una’) / Escott, Ont.

“We loved having Doug into our home.  He was very helpful.  We had him come to our house as the dogs, cats, and farm animals didn’t get along.  It’s a work in progress, but Doug was here a month ago and now the dogs are both doing well with each other and get along with all the farm pets…still working on the dogs not eating the cats…but besides that…there has been a HUGE change!”  – Megan Law / (‘Tucker’, ‘Teal’) / Harrowsmith, Ont.

“Doug’s calm and soothing demeanor was excellent in training Dante.  By the end of the session Dante and Doug were super friends!”  – Samira Hreich / (‘Dante’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We got Guinness, a Burnese Mountain/ Shepherd cross, when she was 7 months old.  She was always a high energy dog…but gradually, starting at 10 months, we seemed to lose our authority/control over her…culminating in growling at us at times…and finally a bite.  I was devastated.  With small kids, I knew I couldn’t keep her.  I also knew that her fate would most likely be euthanasia if I took her to the Humane Society.  I called every rescue I could think of but none were able to take her.  Out of desperation, I googled ‘dog trainers’ and ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ ‘ came up.  My intention was to ask Doug if he knew of any other rescues/fosters that I could take her to…but when he heard my story, he begged for me, before I sent her away, to give him a chance to assess her first.  Reluctantly, I agreed…and I am SO thankful that I did!   Guinness LOVED him right from the start and it didn’t take long for him to gain her respect.  He took me back to the basics and gave me the tools I needed to regain my authority/control and her respect.  The techniques and exercises he taught me to accomplish this were actually fun for both Guinness and myself.  Doug’s methods are not ‘harsh’ by any means.  I won’t say that after that one day that Guinness was perfect…but it didn’t take very long to turn things around.  She has turned out to be a wonderful dog.  Since then we have adopted another dog…Whiskey is a Husky…and by following the tips and advice Doug has given me along the way…we now have two dogs whose good behaviour is complimented everywhere we go!  I would not hesitate to contact Doug and ‘Ain’t Misbehavin’ ‘ for any issues or concerns that I may encounter in the future.”  – Megan Grundy / (‘Guinness’, ‘Whiskey’) / Westport, Ont.

“Very understanding and calm.  He also showed me how to be very calm as part of the training.”  – Frances Garrah / (‘Prince’) / Napanee, Ont.

“Doug gave a great demonstration and we are confident that if we continue with the techniques learned, Hudson will be an obedient and “Happy Bully”…Hudson is a Bull Terrier.  Thank you for your help and patience!”  – Lindsay & Scott Neilsen / (‘Hudson’) / Kingston, Ont.

“I learned to think more like a dog. :)”  – Martha Clarke / (‘Peanut’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug helped me realize that Ricky (a former street dog rescue) could be helped.  Since then…Ricky has come a long way.  Very Good!”  – Leslie Cronk / (‘Ricky’) / Parham, Ont.

“We found Doug to be gentle with Amber and very helpful.  We know that we can call him at any time for more help with her if we need.”  – Dennis and Marion Dart / (‘Amber’) / Bailieboro, Ont.

“Great recommendations and advice on how to be your dog’s leader.  Rodney took to it very quickly.”  – Rob & Wendy Ayer / (‘Rodney’) / Lakefield, Ont.

“In one session, Ivy has learned proper walking methods.  By Ivy, I mean I have learned how to properly walk her…as well as other useful techniques to let her know that I’m in charge.”  – Tara Arms / (‘Ivy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“I can’t thank Doug enough for the help he has given me and my dog.  We always blamed the dog for bad behaviour.  Doug showed me that wasn’t right…and methods that worked…and taught me that it was my responsibility to put in the work every day (even if it was only 10 minutes)…to change the unwanted behaviour.  I put in the work and it paid off…my dog Champ is not misbehavin’ anymore. 🙂  Thank you very much!!!!”  – Lucy Maheu / (‘Champ’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Terrific lessons for myself!”  – Pennie Robert / (‘Cole’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Even 10 minutes into the session my very excitable pug was already calmer.  Doug was excellent.”  – Kelly Terwilligar / (‘Rupert’) / Kingston, Ont.

“It was obvious that Doug is passionate about helping owners be good leaders for their dogs.  He was very knowledgeable…and skilled at sharing his knowledge with us.  Thanks Doug!”  – Rob & Karen Leggett / (‘Kallie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“I can’t really believe what I just saw.  Doug was able to teach Charlie so much – he was like a dream come true to help us.”  – Jackie & Ben Russenholt / (‘Charlie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We are now able to rest easier knowing we can help our dog gain a happier life.”  – Marilyn Houghton / (‘Jay-Cee’) / Hainsville, Ont.

“Very Helpful!  I was SO amazed how well the dogs listened to him!  I would highly recommend him to everyone!!!”  – Vicky & David Martin / (‘Sammie’, ‘Sadie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“We are amazed at the change in our dog.  We would certainly recommend your services to friends and family.  From the moment Doug arrived there was a difference in our dog.  Continued training using Doug’s methods has made our dog much easier to handle.  Thanks!”  – Rachael, Vicki & Enos Hillier / (‘Charlie’) / Brewers Mills, Ont.

“Doug helped us in our time of need!  He gave us the right tools and techniques to train our dog.  The videos he recommended were SO helpful.  He made us realize the anxiety our dog has is something we can help him overcome.”  – Ian Gilchrist & Jaima Macrae / (‘Norman’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Awesome Session!  Jaci is calm, much more confident and happier!  Highly recommended!”  – Kathy Bennett / (‘Jaci’) / Enterprise, Ont.

“Very pleasant, calm and simple philosophy…easy to understand and very helpful…would pass on to all my friends and acquaintances.”  – David & Daina Del Brocco / (‘Maggie’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Absolutely fantastic!  Everything Doug said and did made so much sense and we saw such an immediate difference in Bijoux!  So impressed and so thankful that now we don’t have to look at re-homing our fur-baby!”  – Wayne & Amanda Burke / (‘Bijoux’) / Kingston, Ont.

Follow-up E-Mail (2 days later):   “I just wanted to say thank you again!  We continue to use the all the tools you taught us.  Bijoux has been such an angel since you were here.  I am so happy that we don’t have to re-home her!  You have saved my dog!!!  If you ever need any references feel free to use us…and if I see anyone who needs help with their dog I will be sure to refer you!”  – Amanda Burke

“Amazing training techniques to completely stop pulling on leash, rushing out front door and food aggression (growling over food)…best trainer we’ve ever experienced!”  – Ryan Aikenbrack & Hilary Bates / (‘Hudson’) / Kingston, Ont.

Follow-up E-Mail (3 weeks later):    “Hi Doug…Ryan and I wanted to touch base and give you an update with Hudson. We haven’t had any growling or incidents in quite a while now.  I’ve attached a video of him eating dinner for you to watch!  No more rushing out the door – we can actually leave it open if we go to grab something from the car and he’ll sit there and wait until we say “ok” to come outside.  A huge improvement dropping/leaving his toys, and heeling and staying right beside us. We wanted to thank you again for all your help! Your techniques and training were so helpful.  We don’t know what we would’ve done without you.  Take care.   Hilary and Ryan”

“Doug was very professional.  He was always consistent, calm and confident around Moose.  He took the time to patiently explain things in his corrections of us.”  – Gary & Joyce Yau / (‘Moose’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Great advice and service!  Thank you.”  – Ernest & Kim Leiliumas / (‘Darby’) / Amherstview, Ont.

“Doug made a difference with our four year-old dog Louie from the moment he walked in the house.  The information he provided helped us understand why Louie was behaving the way he was…but it was Doug’s actions which spoke the loudest!  He showed us simple, yet effective, ways to ensure Louie knew who the “Leader” was.  By the time he left, Louie was a changed dog.  We’re still working on some things, but the difference is incredible!  His methods are simple, but amazing!”  – Martha Hatt / (Louie) / Kingston, Ont.

“I appreciated Doug’s immediate recognition of a problem and his logical presentation of how (and why) to address it without hurting or punishing Lucy.  He also showed us how to work on the main problem…separation anxiety…and left us with good links to other video resources as well.”  – Heather Schreiner / (‘Lucy’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Diesel was controlling our household instead of us.  Doug came and proved that a little bit of patience and some firm but gentle commands could work wonders.  2 weeks later and I am able to walk Diesel without pulling and jerking…and he will now sit and wait as approaching people speak with us without jumping.  Yeahh!    More work to come…but much more enjoyable.  We have already recommended him to other people.”  – John & Debbie Brown / (‘Diesel’) / Elgin, Ont.

“Scrappy appreciates your help!  Thank you so much for helping us rescue our rescue…your calm, gentle tactics greatly appealed to us!”  – Bailey Green / (‘Scrappy’) / Gananoque, Ont.

“Doug changed our lives…from living in fear of our dog walks…now we look forward to them!!  Thank you Doug.”  – Philip & Dianne Craig / (‘Niko’, ‘Happy’) / Ottawa, Ont.

“We were both initially apprehensive about prong collars…but Doug was well-versed in ‘gentle’ training.  He was great with Burt and with us as well.  Highly recommend!”  – Ian & Emma Vaughn / (‘Burt’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Very educational experience with Doug.  He is so knowledgeable and provides practical and effective advice to help solve behavioural problems.  This ends up making our relationship with our dog all the more fun, pleasant, and full of joy.”  – Nahbeel & Rebekka Rieder / (‘Tucker’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Thank you so much Doug for your in-home consultation re: Franklin.  He is now walking “like a champion”, and his other behaviours are much improved.  He has really turned a corner.  We have seen dramatic changes.  Your professionalism and advice throughout this process was most appreciated!”  – Jan & Jerry Ashe / (‘Franklin’) / Brockville, Ont.

“Amazing.  Very calm, reassuring manner.”  – Stephanie Currie / (‘Tyrone’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug is full of knowledge and is a patient teacher.  I already knew that what he told me was true (establish that I am the pack leader)…but Doug showed me ‘how’ to do it….and in a way that was gentle and respectful of both me and my dog.”  – Dianne Corcoran / (‘Kreature’) / Kingston, Ont.

“Doug really helped.  Now our dog knows who is in charge and really listens to us now.”  – Debbie, Alex, Marcus, & Alexis Pepper / (‘Tanuki’) / Kingston, ont.

“Before our session with Doug we were prepared to put our dog down due to aggressive behaviour.   After one session with Doug…the change was nothing short of a miracle.   He literally saved her life.   Thanks Doug!”  – Tara & Jason Swiech / (‘Dakota’) / Gananoque, Ont.

“I thought that my dog Abby was a hopeless cause.  I had tried for years to figure out how to be the pack leader and control her….it never worked.  She would get aggressive with food,  rarely listened,  and did pretty much what she wanted.  With two young kids and less time to devote to her,  things got worse.   She even bit my daughter who took a bone from her.  That was it.  In a last ditch effort I called Doug…and let me tell you if I would have known what I do now…I would have done so earlier.  I watched her transform right before my eyes as he showed me ‘how’ to become her pack leader!  There is hope!   Things are not perfect…and it is a work in progress…but I am glad to report that since Doug was here things have gotten a lot better with Abby!!   Thank you so much Doug.”  – Melissa Gour / (‘Abby’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Very gentle and informative”  – Cliff & Bonny Mitchell / (‘Piper’) / Deseronto, Ont.
“I saw an immediate change in our dog.  He’s wonderful…and showed us how and made it easy for us to teach our dog.”  – Bradley & Katrina Pollard / (‘Hoss’) / Belleville, Ont.
“Wonderful, amazing, and kind are words that come to mind.  Our little newcomer had been in a cage for seven months with only a few short hours a day of freedom.  He had absolutely no training.  After a few short sessions with Doug it is unbelievable the change.  Our little Bailey can now obey commands like sit, stay, lie down and even place (his bed)…and walk nicely with a loose leash.  I never thought Bailey could settle into our family where we could enjoy each other.  But Doug has made this possible.  He has many simple tricks to help transform you and your pet.  We, as a family, highly recommend him.  And…Doug has always been willing and available to come back to help when we come up against other issues.  Thanks Doug.”  – Dale, Wenda, and Darline Lloyd / (‘Bailey’) / Kingston, Ont.
“We have asked for help from many sources.   What Doug has been able to do in 2  hours was amazing.   Highly Recommend!!”  – Michelle & Don Lam / (‘Lilly’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Very impressed…and definitely would recommend Doug’s services.  We noticed a HUGE difference in Lilly right away.  We can also eat in peace now thanks to Doug.”  – Matt & Krystle Lothian / (‘Lilly’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Doug came to our aide when we thought our rescue ‘Willow’ was getting aggressive.  He was incredible…and very helpful.  We really appreciate it, Doug!”  – Chris & Tabetha Svendsen / (‘Willow’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Doug is very knowledgeable and has a natural way with dogs.  He is very gentle and patient.  He is very quick to respond to any concerns you may have after his visit.  We would definitely recommend him to others!”  – Trisha & John / (‘Barkley’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Thank you so much for your help.  Now we know what we were doing wrong this whole time!”  – Dale & Kim Higgins / (‘Chester’) / Harrowsmith, Ont.
“Very, very helpful.   Thank you so much!!”  – Fiona Drummond / (‘Onti’, ‘Puppy’ ) / Kingston, Ont.
“Fantastic!   Cisco is a new dog.   I was ready to “Trade her in” because of her tugging on the leash and lack of impulse control around any distraction.   In just a few minutes she was a completely changed dog.   Amazing!”  – Holly & Gordon Gwynne-Timothy / (‘Cisco’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Excellent teacher…very patient and extremely informative.   Thank you Doug for all the help!”  – Lee & Renata Burley / (‘Noodle’) / Kingston, Ont.
“A bit skeptical at the outset, we were amazed and delighted with the result of Doug’s visit.”  – Tom A. Woods & Ellen Pajur / (‘Lillye’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Showed me what to do…and explained what we were doing and why we were doing things this way.  He explained everything really well…it was great.  Thanks.”  – Tanisha Flaro / (‘Jack’) / Kingston, Ont.
Doug’s insight into how a dog views the world really helped us to understand what to do and how to do it.  He is a master at what he does.”  – Alex & Jennifer Bell / (‘Ila’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Very good…very professional…’soft’ handler.  Worked very well with my dog.  Would recommend to anyone!”  – Amber & Brian Davis / (‘Degan’) / Napanee, Ont.
“Absolutely I will recommend Doug to others!!  He came in for one hour and changed my dog’s behaviour before my eyes…while teaching me to pick up where he left off.  Doug’s training methods would prevent many owners from giving up their dogs to the SPCA.”  – Christine Kelly / (‘Zadie’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Gave us a better understanding of how to ‘calm down’…and not pass our anxiety on to the dogs.”  – Colleen Doyle & Ron McCallum / (‘Bailey’, ‘Abbey’) / Amherstview, Ont.
“Thank you Doug for the great sessions!  They were very educational and helpful.”  – Gary & Shirley Poupore / (‘Shadow’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Doug really helped us to understand new methods of training to overcome dog aggression.  Thanks for all your time and effort.”  – James & Angela Martin / (‘Lola’, ‘Rolo’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Doug…you are our Cesar Millan!   We love you…and love that you gave our dog a chance when other trainers said he was “untrainable”!”  – Danny & Jessica Turco / (‘Titan’) / Trenton, Ont.
“Great advice…great training tools.   Doug has given us the tools we needed to create a calm environment for our dogs.”  – Faith & Shawn Russell / (‘Dax’, ‘Miley’) / Amherstview, Ont.
“Thank you so much Doug!!  Bruno and I had an amazing walk together last night and I can already see a difference in him!! I have complete faith that the tips and tricks you showed us will make us both happier!!”  – Tanya Dube / (‘Bruno’) / Kingston, Ont.
Follow-up E-mail (3 weeks later):    “I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for my dog (Bruno) and I. Your friendly, knowledgeable expertise has made us both happier and in only 3 weeks of practicing your tips and tricks Bruno is a completely different dog!! I even had pizza delivered to my house the other night and the delivery lady said “Wow, you have the most well behaved small dog I have ever seen” I felt so proud at that moment, especially on how quick other people noticed the changes in his behavior!! I think everyone should have the knowledge you provide as soon as they get a puppy as it makes a world of difference to be educated properly on how to raise a dog. Again, thank you so much Doug!!!!”  – Tanya Dube / (‘Bruno’)
“I would just like to thank Doug Brady for his help with our boy Zeus. We were at the end of our rope.  We had two trainers coming once a week for the last few months and they didn’t accomplish anything…except cost me lots of money.  We were getting nowhere with Zeus’s behavior problems.  He was growling and lunging at children and adults…and everyone stopped visiting because of Zeus.   We also couldn’t walk him cause he wanted to go after any dog or person he saw…and he would pull you everywhere.  I couldn’t walk Zeus.   I have lupus and him pulling really hurts me.   But we had Doug come and he was here only ten minutes and he had Zeus out walking…minding him…and people were walking by…and Zeus didn’t bother with anyone.   It was so AWESOME!!   I now (next day) can walk my dog with one finger on the leash and he stays at my side.
     Doug is so kindhearted and such a gentle soul.   He is so loving and understanding towards your pet…and of course great at teaching you the tools to teach your pet .
     Doug you are an amazing man.   You have a great gift…and we can’t thank you enough for what you have done for our family.    110% Satisfied.”
Thanks the Mahoney Family  – Todd & Patricia Mahoney / (‘Zeus’) / Kingston, Ont.
“As someone who needs to know the ‘why’ of training, I appreciated Doug’s use of psychology in explaining why my dog behaved aggressively.  As a result, I have seen the need for consistent daily training…and it is already paying off.”  – Marguerite Van Die / (‘Porter’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Doug has a remarkable ability to quickly and easily change the behaviour of any dog…and to empower us, the owners, with the knowledge, confidence, and skills to do the same.    I have used Doug in the past with my now older dog, ‘Maddox’…and just recently with our new addition, ‘Callie’…a 5 month old Dogo Argentina who came from a rescue, and in need of some serious structure and guidance.   In a matter of just 2 hours with Doug, Callie completely transformed!    She went from a wildly energetic puppy that bounced from furniture to furniture and destroyed everything in her path…to a calm, collected puppy that “listened” when we gave her directions.    We were absolutely amazed at how easy it was!    Doug gave us the tools to show Callie, a typical young energetic pup, the guidance she needed to learn her place in the ‘pack’.    Oh…did I mention that Callie is deaf?    Her inability to hear did not stop Doug from teaching us and our lovable, energetic pup new structure so we can all live harmoniously as a family.    If you have behavioural issues with your dog, or just looking to get a head start with a new puppy, we HIGHLY recommend you contact Doug.”  – Ryan Hutchins & Rachel Sheldon / (‘Callie’) / Kingston, Ont.
“WOW!   24 hours later and the boys are much calmer…and ready to ‘listen’.   Thank you for all your pointers.   It can only get better from here.”  – Bev, Charles, Rhonda Deacon / (‘Luki’, ‘Buddy’, ‘Prince’, ‘Shiloh’) / Green Valley, Ont.
“I have worked in animal welfare/rights for over 30 years and have owned many dogs without problems.  However, my latest, Gabby (coon hound) was out of my league.  Thank you so much for your help Doug!!   You helped me with drills and training ideas…but…more importantly…you taught me to develop a different attitude when working with Gabby.  So many dogs meet tragic endings because owners are at a loss as to how to deal with them.  Shelters see them every day.  Most shelter workers are not dog experts either.  Please don’t be too proud or lazy to seek help.  Doug taught me that your dog ‘needs’ your help to learn how to live in a human world…and ‘how’ to do this…and ‘in the right way’.   It can become a matter of life and death…but it is always a matter of a happy life with your dog…or a frantic existence with a frustrated owner.   Doug is an expert…and a master at what he does.   He can make seemingly insurmountable problems become easy to manage through the knowledge and skills he teaches you.   Highly recommend.”  – Beth Kent / (‘Gabby’) / Moscow, Ont.
“I honestly thought I was going to have to put my dog down due to her aggression with people.   In such a short time with Doug I have so much hope for not only my dog…but that we can be the kind of dog owners that our dog needs.   Doug, you literally saved our dog.   You truly are a miracle worker.   There are no words to thank you enough!”  – Jason & Mellissa Woodward / (‘Maisie’) / Amherstview,  Ont.
“Doug’s effective techniques and attention to detail were instrumental in teaching me the foundations of obedience training.  He gave me the tools to train ‘Marley’ after he left…and everything has continued to improve.  He sends an encouraging follow-up email with relevant videos to keep me on track and progressing to new skills.  I appreciate that Doug makes himself available to help in the future if needed.”  – Liz Wigle / (‘Marley’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Doug really impressed us with his professionalism…and how quickly our dog ‘James’ listened to him and responded to his lessons!   No more leash pulling!!”  – Cody & Tiffiny Monk / (‘James’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Felice is a 4 year-old rescue who had not been socialized with other dogs…and may not have been outside a lot (pee-pad trained).   Our experience with Doug was very positive.   His calm, professional approach and his knowledge were greatly appreciated.   Felice was responding to Doug ‘from the get go’…and we now have the tools to carry on with her training.   Corrections were gentle…and there was praise for good behaviour.   In one session we learned how to become the pack leader for her;  basic commands;  socializing Felice with other dogs;  and feeding tips.   Thank you Doug!”  – John & Helen Shea / (‘Felice’) / Brockville, Ont.
Follow-Up Email:
Hi Doug
     Thank you again for coming to see Félice and us on Thursday afternoon; your expertise is much appreciated.
     I will continue on with the training and tips that you provided us with.
     On behalf of all of us that choose to adopt rescue or shelter pets…a special thank you for helping us be successful;   I’m sure that I am not the only one that appreciates the help at no cost!
Helen Shea.
“I couldn’t be more thankful for the work you’ve done with Tracker. It’s a very new approach for me and I truly find I’m having fun with teaching him rather than getting frustrated. Any progress makes me happy and proud.
I’m also part of a Facebook group where lot of people choose to rehome their pets and I’ve recommended your services on there as well and added the link to your website as a “comment”. I’ve sent you a picture of the comment.
Thank you SO much once again.”
“I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Doug’s services.  I have a rescue who is 6 years old, didn’t know his own name, or any basic command.   Doug came for a combined 4 hours to work with my guy…and the difference is unreal.   He truly has a gift.   He is dedicated to his work and knows how to make a difference.   A wonderful, calm man, who is truly passionate about what he does. His love for dogs and his career transpires in everything he does.  He is gentle, calm and an excellent teacher both for the owner and the dog.    He is thorough and follows up with you.  I’ve gotten so many videos and resources to look into and I believe his approach is one of the best I’ve ever heard of.   I cannot recommend his services enough and will praise him and his work to anyone who will listen.”  – Stefanie Lafortune / (‘Tracker’) / Kingston, Ont.
“Doug was great!   He taught us very useful ways to take care of our problems with Presley…re:  dog aggression…walking on a leash.”  – Lee & Kathi Taylor / (‘Presley’) / Napanee, Ont.
“Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us the proper training techniques to better ourselves and Hudson.”  – Cody Robidoux & Kaylea Rigby / (‘Hudson’) / Kingston, Ont.  – July/19
Follow-up Email Endorsement:           “It was wonderful meeting you and spending time listening to your wise teaching.  We very much appreciated the follow up phone call and the oodles of additional information.
      Of course…you know we were appalled when you brought out the prong collars from your little bag of doggie supplies.  However…we cannot believe what a difference they have made (…after only 1 training session and 2 walks).  It’s really quite incredible.  We took Jake and Isaac to a new place for a walk, which usually spells disaster with tons of pulling, barking and lunging.  But this time was totally different…and they were so much better.
     We enjoyed your thoughtful, love filled approach to the training and found your calmness actually calmed me down as well.  We learned a lot from you…and now feel we can create a calm, safe and happy environment for Isaac and Jake.
     We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who has the great fortune to have a dog.”  – George & Susan Wright / (‘Issac’, ‘Jake’) / Gananoque, Ont.  – July/19

“I took Khaos for a walk this morning…and it was like a dream.  He was such a good boy!!   He needed to be reminded not to run out the door…but after 2 tries…he waited for me !   He’s like a completely different dog today!   I just want to say thank you!”  – Randi Grabowski / (‘Khaos’) / Kingston, Ont.  – July/19

“An all around pleasant and effective experience.  A great trainer with an abundance of patience and knowledge.  Highly, highly recommend.”  – Floyd & Michelle Weir / (‘Royce’) / Kingston, Ont. – July/19

“Thanks for your help, Doug.  With your training techniques…and ‘proper’ use of the prong collar…Chance is a different dog.  He is much easier to walk.  He now listens to commands as I practice my role as ‘pack leader’.”  – Pat & Bob Knapp / (‘Chance’) / Odessa, Ont. – July/19

“Thank you SO much for your help!   You have given us so many tools and tips to work with our boy so that we can enjoy our walks together again!   We will definitely recommend you!!  🙂  – Nick & Allison Wheeler / (‘Percy’, ‘Sophia’) / Kingston, Ont. – Aug/19

“Doug was amazing to work with.   He was extremely knowledgeable and kind.   Our puppy (‘Lieu’) immediately responded to him and his techniques.   He was easy to understand and very professional.   He made learning fun for both our puppy…and my partner and me.   I can’t say enough good things about Doug.   He has an incredible understanding of dogs…and it was evident by how quickly Lieu’s behaviour changed.   He went above and beyond to provide us with review materials…and to ensure all our questions were answered.”  – Jennifer Hutchinson / (‘Lieu’) / Kingston, Ont. – Aug/19

“Absolutely amazed at the transformation in our girls.   Thank you so much!”  – Hollie & luc Mongrain / (‘Ruby’, ‘Yuki’) / Kingston, Ont. – Sept/19

Accompanying email:     “We just came home from the most relaxing and enjoyable walk ever with the girls!  No pulling, no sniffing…just well behaved ladies.  We even met up with a few dogs and no lunging!  No barking.  They both sat and waited until we said ok visit…and then all they did was sniff other dogs nose.  We are very proud of our ladies.”

“As a first time dog owner, I was very pleased with Doug’s willingness to help and his thoroughness.   He taught me ‘how’ to be a good leader for my dog, which, with time and diligence on my part, will result in a better relationship between us.   I now have a new-found confidence as a dog trainer for my dog.  Thank you Doug!”  – Sierra Slegtenhorst / (‘Molly’) / Kingston, Ont. – Sept/19
“I took my dogs out for their first walk ever that I have not been totally stressed out and exhausted from their pulling.  Thank You So Much!”  – Angie Lecker / (‘Dexter’, ‘Josie’) / Kingston, Ont. – Sept/19
“Very informative.  Thank you again for all the tips and tricks!   We already see a difference in Darrell!”  – Paul & Steacy Sudds / (‘Darrell’, ‘Tank’) / Lansdowne, Ont. – Sept/19
“The training was incredible.  We watched our pets behaviours change right in front of our eyes within minutes.  Our pets enjoyed the time with Doug…and we now have less stressed and happier companions.  Thanks again Doug for the incredible session.  I will definitely recommend you to our friends and look forward to using all your great strategies with Ben and Lucy.”  –  Lindsey Trafford / (‘Ben’, ‘Lucy’) / Kingston, Ont. – Sept/19
“Extremely helpful and professional.  Very thorough and insightful follow-up.   Would highly recommend to anyone having dog problems big or small.”  – Poppy Ruksys & Marcus Brown / (‘Nellie’, ‘Portia’) / Kingston, Ont. – Sept/19
“Doug really cares about the Dog and people who own the dog.  He has a very calming and caring way to deliver his training to people and dogs to ensure a harmonious life together.”  – Donna & Haig Krikorian / (‘Zoey’) / Kingston, Ont. – Oct/19
“Doug was calm and patient with our human aggressive Django.  He gave us lots of great tools to work on to help us guide Django to being a more balanced and secure dog.”  – Brian & Kim Hoover / (‘Django’) / Harrowsmith, Ont. – Oct/19
“Doug Brady was just amazing.  So professional.  I paid a one-time fee…and he goes above and beyond…and is always there for you throughout the dog training process.  I most definitely would recommend Ain’t Misbehavin’ .”  – Debbie Collins / (‘Zeus’) / Kingston, Ont. – Oct/19
“I would recommend Ain’t Misbehavin’ without question.  Our dog, ‘Crosby’, was already well-behaved…but is now even easier to walk…and looks to us for direction.  His dog aggression issue is still a work in progress…but seems to be trending in the right direction.”  – Kristen Watkins / (‘Crosby’) / Kingston, Ont. – Oct/19
“Your knowlege and passion are a great combination.”  – Christine & Bryce Geoffrey / (‘Merle’) / Kingston, Ont. – Nov/19


“We called Doug the day we adopted Red from the Kingston Human Society.  When we brought her home she was very aggressive around the other dog in the home.  We contacted the Human Society and they gave us Doug’s number.  Within an hour he was at our home in the evening talking to us about our newly adopted dog.  He spent a few hours with us showing techniques on how to socialize her with other animals…along with many other training issues.  He was fantastic.  We followed his procedures and recommendations and are working with our new pup each day.  Red has come a long way.  Doug also sent us many links to various websites for dog training issues.  We watched them all and found them very informative.  Doug returned back to our house a few days later to get the two dogs to walk together and to follow up with any issues we had.  The second visit was great and we really appreciated his kindness and love of animals.  I would recommend his services to everyone I know.   Thanks Doug for all your help (…and free of charge for the Humane Society…very much appreciated).”  – Peter Rodnick & Laura Micalleff / (‘Red’) / Kingston, Ont. – Dec/19

 “I would recommend Doug Brady (“Ain’t Misbehavin’ “) as he provided a professional, helpful, quality service in a timely manner.  The resource materials provided were on point and thorough as well.   I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your work with us.”  – Leslie Milbury / (‘Maya’) / Kingston, Ont. – Jan/20
“Thanks a bunch Doug!!…and It’s very kind of you to offer your services for free to people who have ‘rescue’ dogs (…or dogs that come from the Humane Society).”  – Josh & Barbara Dudli / (‘Chester’) / Kingston, Ont. – Jan/20
“It’s been very helpful…and Doug works well with Cooper”  – Clare lemieux / (‘Cooper’) / Kingston, Ont. – Jan/20
“Doug was full of knowledge appropriate for a new puppy (…’Bocelli’ was 14 weeks old).   We learned loose leash walking…different methods for getting ‘focus’ (…to create ‘calmness’)…how to prevent food related issues…barking and lunging…lots of helpful things…too many to list.   Great stuff to know…’sooner rather than later’.”  – Marianne Maschi / (‘Bocelli’) / Kingston, Ont. – Feb/20
“I have already recommended you to a group at Lemoine’s Point Dog Park (Facebook group).  Two hours VERY well spent!  The ball is now in my court to follow through and be the leader!”  – Patrick Thomas / (‘Willow’) / Amherstview, Ont. – March/20
“Doug is by far the best trainer we have ever had…and we have had many!   Highly recommend him.   Our badly behaved dog was fixed after one session.”  – Jenna & Matt Irvine / (‘Benny’) / Kingston, Ont. – March/20
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 “Doug was excellent!   He worked with us to teach Sumo how to respond to training cues…and most importantly…taught us how to communicate with our dog!   He has provided us with so much support…even after our training session.   Thank you!”  – Tyra Yah / (‘Sumo’) / Kingston, Ont. – March/20
“It was chaos with our two dogs (‘Winston’ the Bernadoodle & ‘Gracie’ the Golden Retreiver) before Doug got here.  The moment he arrived he assessed the situation…and explained clearly what was going on…and that my dogs ‘needed’ a leader.  His calmness, experience…and ability to teach me the skills I needed…and how to modify my actions…to become the kind, firm leader that my dogs were looking for…has ensured that our home will be a calm one.    He took the time necessary to model and demonstrate things…to ensure that I fully understood each concept.   Before he left…the dynamics had clearly changed with my dogs…and…they were tired and happy.   Following the appointment…Doug provided a detailed and thorough assessment…with instructions and many helpful tools that I could use to continue to work with and improve my relationship with Winston and Gracie.   My suggestion is that you call Doug ‘before’ you have an issue…and you will be able to avoid all the frustration and anxiety.   You will be happy that you did.   Thank you Doug!”  – Liz O’Connor / (‘Winston’, ‘Gracie’) / Kingston, Ont. – March/20
“Before I contacted Doug…I had tried everything with my dog and thought my only option was to rehome her.   However…after just one visit…I feel like Meadow and I are finally on the same page…and I am once again excited to keep working with her.   Thank you so so much Doug!”  – Mathew Macpherson / (‘Meadow’) / Kingston, Ont. – March/20
“We were at the end of the line with our dog, Lochlan.  He was kind and sweet…and amazing with the kids.  BUT…he would get himself SO worked up and out of control out of nowhere…that we didn’t know what to do.   With another baby on the way, the situation was feeling overwhelming and unsafe.   He wouldn’t intentionally hurt the kids…but…a 50 lb. dog can accidentally do a lot when he would get himself into that worked up state.  We called Doug and within the first 30 minutes he was here we felt validated that we had done the right thing.   By the end of the session we saw HUGE changes!!!  It’s been less than a week…and we are well on our way (…with much support from Doug!)…to a happier house.”  – Patrick & Kaitlin Corrigan / (‘Lochlan’) / Kingston, Ont. – March/20
“Doug was very patient…and explained to us how our 15 week old puppy was confused about his place in the pack.   Over the 2 hour session…Doug explained and showed us what we needed to do to help Hugo understand.   The following day, I was impressed with how I could literally walk Hugo with one finger looped on a relaxed leash.  No more lunging, pulling, and running ahead.   Walking is now a pleasant experience for both Hugo and me.   I have continued with the simple ‘obedience game exercises’ Doug recommended…to increase Hugo’s focus and confidence.   As well…the additional resouces Doug provided have been very helpful.    I would highly recommend Doug…and not hesitate to contact him for any further issues.”  – Ric & Connie Doyle / (‘Hugo’) / Kingston, Ont. – April/20
“Doug is a great trainer and very professional.   He has provided me with great reassurance…as well as great training methods to implement for my 10 week old puppy.   After our first session, I understood the importance of leadership and obedience training…even for a puppy.”  – Greg & Ashley Frendt / (‘Milo’) / Kingston, Ont. – April/20
“Doug from “Ain’t Misbehavin’ ” came and helped me with my dog, Rocky.    He did an amazing job.    He showed me many training tips and ideas…and demonstrated everything.    He changed my dog within minutes.   Now…my part is to keep working with Rocky everyday after work…and go for walks every night as well.    It’s so nice to have Rocky walking beside me now (…with a loose leash)…the right way.   I am so thankful for your help…and I can’t thank you enough.   I highly recommend Doug.”  – Vanessa Hossack / (‘Rocky’) / Shannonville, Ont. – April/20
“We had the distinct pleasure of having Doug come to our home to help us with our two Labs, ‘Snow’ and ‘Denver’.   He is the Ultimate Dog…and Owner…Whisperer!   His arrival at our door was, in itself, a training session.   Doug is professional, knowledgeable, and passionate.   His calm and gentle approach worked wonders in an instant…and has made us wish we had known about him and his skills a year ago.   The results were immediate…and without ‘food incentives’.   His follow-up is incredible…and the continued resource support he provides, amazing.   With his help…we are becoming the people our dogs need and deserve!   We recommend him without reservation…and with total enthusiasm!”  – Julia Niblett & Gary Howard / (‘Snow’, ‘Denver’) / Gananoque, Ont. – April/20

We feel Doug’s training session helped us understand the importance of pack mentality, which we feel is most certainly required…in understanding how Finland looks to us for direction and guidance in her growth to fitting into our family.   His tools and techniques are heaven sent!!!   Thanks Doug.”  – Barry Hutt & Elaine McCulloch / (‘Finland’) / Kingston, Ont. – April/20

“We had a great first session last year that helped a lot with the issues we were having at that time.    Since that had gone so extremely well, we had Doug back to help with some additional issues.    What a huge difference in such a short period of time.    Walks and greeting other dogs has gone from anxiety-ridden…to a joyful, low-stress time…and is now my favourite part of my day.”  – Stephanie Diane Coulter / (‘Kratos’, ‘Zeus’) / Inverary, Ont. – May/20

“Excellent services!!!   Very friendly and enthusiastic.   We appreciated the very helpful and useful strategies.   Thank you so much!”  – Anny, Maddy, and Denim Patterson / (‘Frankie’) / Kingston, Ont. / May/20

“Doug has a very kind approach to training.   He spent a lot of time with Rose and me…and has set her up for success with teaching…and providing me the tools I need to train her.”  – Judith Christensen / (‘Rose’) / Kingston, Ont. / May/20

“Doug was amazing with our little…but ‘strong-willed’ dog.   His calm demeanor is infectious…and he taught us how to bring ‘calmness’ into Turnip’s life…which we never thought was possible!”  – Ryan Viveiros & Tiffany Huang / (‘Turnip’) / Kingston, Ont. / May/20

“Doug provided me with such a wealth of information and knowledge.   In the few days since our training session…I have been transformed…as well as Scully.  Thank you!”  – Julie Phillips / (‘Scully’) / Kingston, Ont. / May/20

“This first experience with Doug was very satisfactory.    We were impressed with the way he had an instant impact…and I’m very happy I called.”  – Mark Ferreira / (‘Karma’) / Kingston, Ont. / May/20

“A week after getting our 7 month old rescue dog…I was ready to give up and ‘rehome’ her.   She had some major behaviour issues (…including showing some serious aggression towards myself…and our two children).   Doug came to our house…and we didn’t worry about time…as he spent over 3 leisurely hours with us.   By the time he left…I could not believe that this was the same dog we had started with.   The change was unbelieveable…and the techniques he taught us to deal with her various issues were fantastic.   Also…his follow-up emails to make sure that we stayed on track were most helpful and encouraging.   As well…his willingness to come back for any further follow-up…should it be necessary…is greatly appreciated.   All of us look forward to spending many happy years with our new & improved…well-mannered dog.   Thank you Doug!”  – Trina & Bill Irving / (‘Scarlet’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/20

“Doug was great with Shadow and Bentley.   He showed us proper ways to address Shadow’s problematic behaviour in public…as well as Bentley’s leash pulling issue.   Great Service!  We would use again.”  – Josh Hunter & Kate / (‘Shadow’, ‘Bentley’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/20

“Thanks Doug for helping me with Reggie…my 8 month old French Bulldog.   I was nervous before our session…because it was so hard to handle Reggie.   It was always very stressful taking him out for walks…as he is a very strong-willed dog that wouldn’t listen…and a challenge to try to train.   After our session…I felt incredibly different.   I would never have thought that my little Reggie would walk so well on leash.   I am thrilled…and look forward to using all the techniques you have taught us going forward in working with Reggie.    I am extremely satisfied with your service.   You have been an incredible help…and I will be highly recommending Ain’t Misbehavin’ to others.   Thank you so much Doug.”  – Alexa Foster / (‘Reggie’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/20

“Doug…we greatly appreciate all of the guidance and instruction you’ve shared with our family.   We needed training as much as our new puppy did…so that Luna would know ‘who was in charge’…and how to create a healthy environment and relationship with her.”  – Jessica & John Bosso / (‘Luna’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/20

“It was amazing how quickly Doug took control over Frankie.   His knowledge is so powerful…and we are excited to put it to practice.”  – Stephanie and Kurtis Boyd / (‘Frankie’) / Brockville, Ont. / July/20

“From the moment Doug entered my home, he began showing Lucy how to react appropriately.   During the session I saw her learn so much and behave the best I have ever seen.   With the skills my partner and I now have…I can’t wait to see all of the progress and strides Lucy will now be making!”  – Morgan Markell / (‘Lucy’) / Kingston, Ont. / July/20

“Doug took the time to get to know us and our dog in order to determine what was needed to acheive a great relationship.  Thanks.”  – Johanna Murphy / (‘Cleo’) / Kingston, Ont. / July/20

“Doug was amazing.   Our dog quicky responded to him.   He also supplied us with helpful web sites to visit and learning material after he left.   It is comforting to know that we can call him at any time.”  – Laurel & Bob McConnachie / (‘Larry’) / Adulphustown, Ont / July/20

“Doug is EXTREMELY helpful!   He has a ton of information to offer…and knows exactly how to train not just the dogs…but YOU.   It’s so refreshing to meet a trainer who is not interested in money…but just in helping dogs.   The amount of ‘post training’ support and care Doug shows is so rare.   I don’t think there is another dog trainer out there like Doug.   This is just a very small snap-shot of how happy and thankful we are for your service.   You really take what you do to the next level of care and concern.  THANK YOU!!…for all your help and support.”  – Megan & Stefani Normand / ( ‘Kojo’, ‘Levi’ ) / Kingston, Ont. / July/20

“I have been given a lot of useful tools…and a lot to work with going forward.   Willow is doing a lot better after just one session.   I’m very thankful!”  – Carla & Colton Rose / (‘Willow’) / Godfrey, Ont. / Aug/20

“Doug’s training is excellent!!  The first day of training I was able to walk Lovey with ease…no pulling…no jumping or lunging at people or dogs or other animals.   I have recommended his services to other dog owners already.   Thank you Doug.  We are working with Lovey…and she is improving daily.”  – Debbie & Mamoud Bacon / (‘Lovey’) / Kingston, Ont. / Aug/20

“In June Doug came to my house to help me with my dog Pepper (1.5-year-old, Cattle dog/Lab mix).    He spent over 2 hours showing me things to do with Pepper and explaining in detail the “why” behind the activity.    Doug followed up the session by sending me numerous helpful links to sites with information related to what we were working on.    Since applying the strategies Doug provided, Pepper’s behaviour has significantly improved.    I highly recommend Doug if you have a pup who is misbehaving.”  – Melody Torcolacci / (‘Pepper’) / Kingston, Ont. / Aug/20

“We highly recommend Doug Brady.   He was very good and understanding with both us and our dog.   We were very happy with his work with Gracie.   Thank You for all your help!”  – Ron & Sharon Levine / (‘Gracie’) / Kingston, Ont. / Aug/20

“Doug was very patient and professional.   He gave us lots of information and exercises to do to help train our dog.”  – Rebecca Allore / (‘Diesel’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/20

“Doug is extremely professional and a true expert at what he does.   After only one session Daisy has shown serious improvement.    Doug equipped me with tools to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with Daisy for the rest of her life.   Daisy is so happy…and so am I!   You are amazing!”  – Manuela Rodriguez-Bowen / (‘Daisy’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/20

“Doug’s knowledge is extensive and spot on.   He was a huge help…and we would highly recommend his services (…especially to anyone that needs guidance or help with a dog that maybe didn’t get the training it deserved).   Thanks Doug!”  – Reid and Kelli Campbell / (‘Lola’) / Amherstview, Ont. / Sept/20

“Doug is one of the kindest human beings I have ever met!   He is knowledgeable, compassionate, and extremely helpful.  His prime motive is to see that the dog and their human owner live in a harmonious relationship.  If you have issues with your dog…don’t wait.   Call Doug!”  – Indie Shandra / (‘Dexter’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/20

“Doug is amazing!   I was hesitant to call someone for help with my dog who pulls.   He used to pull me across parking lots to the point I would fall and injure myself in the process.   It was always a pain walking my dog…so I would have to take him out let him pee and come right back in.   I called Doug and he came the next day.   He wasn’t at all concerned about money…he was more concerned about helping me with my big dog!    Within one hour he had my dog walking on the leash, no pulling…walking beside me, not in front or behind…just beside me.   My dog is a whole new dog after just one session.   Today, I managed to walk him around the block with no pulling…and I managed to walk him to the park 20 minutes away with my son and I…something we couldn’t do before.   My dog is much happier due to the fact he can come with us anywhere we go now!   And…we are much happier that we can bring him with us also!   Thank you again Doug!   I would recommend you to anyone who needs help with their dog!”  – Lindsay Chambers / (‘Lucky’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/20

“Our 3 month old Golden Doodle was becoming increasingly aggressive at the end of walks and playtime.   In less than 2 hours…Doug gave us the tools we needed to fix this problem and help the kids become less afraid of their new dog.”  – Paul & Jill Jacobson / (‘Marley’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/20

“So thankful for the services Doug provided!   The results were immediate.   Mac needed direction…and we were guided on how to provide it.”  – Mike & Jessica Hannah / (‘Mac’) / Yarker, Ont. / Sept/20

“Even though I have gentle, quiet dog…I learned so much on how to improve his life and prevent future problems.   I really feel I am better able to communicate with him…to reduce any anxiety and really care for his mental health as well.    I look forward to a happy life for both of us together.    Thank You Thank You Thank You!!”  – Cathy Redsell / (‘Harvey’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/20

“In just a few short sessions Doug changed the way we did things…to help Louie understand ‘who was in charge’.   He sent us so many helpful videos and gave us so many useful tips!   We would recommend him to anyone!  :)”  – Joe Callery & Corinne Finizio / (‘Louie’) / Kingston, Ont. / Oct/20

“Our dog is a high anxiety dog.   Doug’s techniques calmed her…and he educated us in ways to help Maya be a calmer dog.   He has been very helpful to both Maya…and us as owners.”  – Doug & Janet Arrand / (‘Maya’) / Kingston, Ont. / Oct/20

“Doug has spent a lot of time with me several times to help me learn to manage my two hounds.   They are no longer lunging at other dogs to say ‘hi’…or almost snapping my arm off when they see a ‘squirrel’.   Now they heel, sit, lie down…and walk on a leash without pulling or stalling.   Doug’s skills have helped me to relax and enjoy our walks…rather than feeling like we are playing ‘tug-of-war’.   At the end of our walks…we can all relax and report that we’ve all enjoyed our time together.”  – Ruth Dubbin / (‘Tallulah’, ‘Molly’) / Kingston, Ont. / Oct/20

“Within 5 minutes Doug had Beau (…a ‘rescue’ dog) sitting and staying…with little physical contact…gently used body language…no treats…talking softly but firmly.   As well…when walking on a leash (…and using a prong collar ‘correctly’)…within a very short period of time and using the same approach…Beau was walking calmly behind or beside Doug with only very minimal correction.   To me…this was nothing short of a miracle.”  – Dale Boyd / (‘Beau’) / Picton, Ont. / Oct/20

“We both could not believe the difference in just five short minutes.   After 2 hours, Doug gave us invaluable tools for us to understand our puppy’s behaviors and how to correctly lead her.   He has sent so much more information after he left us.   It has made a world of difference and we are so glad we found him.   We would not hesitate a second to recommend his services!”  – Brian & Michelle Cowx / (‘Koda’) / Inverary, Ont. / Oct/20

“I highly recommend Doug.   His techniques are excellent…and he is very friendly, articulate, and knowledgeable.   Outstanding!!!”  – Mike Connolly / (‘Q’) / Sydenham, Ont. / Oct/20

“We wanted to let you know that we’ve been working very hard with Presley and what a difference it has made!   We actually took him to my client appreciation event at a pumpkin patch.   Lots of other people had brought their dogs as well, and he was a fantastic boy!   Thank you so much for your help…and we have definitely been recommending you to other people.”  – Kate Hutton / (‘Presley’) / Kingston, Ont. / Oct/20

“I appreciated the time Doug spent with my rescue dog Max and me.  His explanations were clear, and thoughtful…and I feel that we have already started to turn the corner with Max.   He is already much better at walking on lead…and mealtime is better, too.   I’m feeling great about life with Max going forward…and believe me…I have had my moments of doubt!   Many thanks for your time and wisdom!”  – Laurie Gruer / (‘Max’) / Picton, Ont. / Oct/20
“We could tell that Doug loves dogs and his job.   His passion and enthusiasm is infectious.   Thanks so much for working with us to feel more confident in handling our dog!”  – Meghan Robidoux & Mathew McGuckin / (‘Watson’) / Kingston, Ont. / Oct/20
“Doug helped us with our old black lab and new shepherd/husky/lab puppy…and we couldn’t be happier with the changes we saw in our dogs.   The tips we got from Doug made our dogs more responsive to us…and made going out on walks so much easier!”  – Eric & Chelsey Lafontaine / (‘Benson’, ‘Oakland’) / Newburgh, Ont. / Nov/20
” We are grateful for the insight into Alfie’s behavior and anxieties.   We found the session extremely helpful, professional, and informative.   We appreciate all the tools and tricks you provided…as well as your thorough research and demonstrated experience.  Thank you so much for all of the helpful information and the wealth of additional resources.   We would definitely recommend your services to others.” – Tina Kukkonen & Sam Brown / (‘Alfie’) / Kingston, Ont. / Nov/20
“We recommend ”Ain’t Misbehavin’ “.   Doug helped us with our small mixed breed, Jota, and the session was very helpful.”  – Jane & Richard Berry / (‘Jota’) / Kingston, Ont. / Nov/20
“Doug Brady is fantastic!!   Prior to contacting Doug, my family and I were very discouraged and sad because we had adopted ‘Jasper’ (…our ‘Coconut Hound’ rescue)…and he was showing signs of aggression towards visitors and strangers.   After Doug’s visit…we are a lot less anxious…have a much better understanding of Jasper…and he is quickly showing substantial improvement.   I would highly recommend you contact Doug Brady if you need help with your dog!”  – Tammy Tye / (‘Jasper’) / Kingston, Ont. / Nov/20
“Doug was very knowledgeable and able to communicate everything Porter and I needed with ease and attention to detail.   We appreciated his time with us…and his availability for ‘check-ups’.”  – Nancy Rollins / (‘Porter’) / Tamworth, Ont. / Dec/20
“Very good training tips…and very detailed information.”  – Alexandra Cullen & Colin McLean / (‘Piper’) / Kingston, Ont. / Dec/20
“Doug was patient, professional, and caring in training our dog to walk calmly on leash.   He provided…and continues to provide helpful follow-up…including videos and specific advice.   We would highly recommend his services.   Thanks Doug…for all your terrific help with Sadie.   She is doing great.”  – Joe & Janice Warwick / (‘Sadie’) / Lansdowne, Ont. / Dec/20
“Using the ‘Follow Me Game’ that you taught me…along with some positive reinforcement…Joe is walking normally again.   Thanks again Doug for all of the resources.  I will work my way through them.  Joe says “Hello”!”  – David Bakker / (‘Joe’) / Kingston, Ont. / Dec/20
“Amazing service.   Doug is extremely knowledgeable and was very helpful with training our Dogo Argentino puppy.   Not only did it open our eyes to so many new ways of training…but we also had so much fun doing it!   We can’t thank you enough!”  – Mathew & Kuljit Herr / (‘Doji’) / Kingston, Ont. / Dec/20

“Thank you SO much Doug.  You’re truly such an incredible help. Your expertise is beyond appreciated.   You are unbelievable at what you do…and we cannot thank you enough for all your help, guidance and incredible expertise.    We are forever grateful.    We wish you the very best and will always remember how much you have always helped us.”  – Jenna & Mathew Irvine / (‘Bentley’, ‘Hartley’) / Kingston, Ont. / Jan/21

“Doug is a kind soul with an authentic love for dogs and helping others (…especially with their ‘rescues’).   He was professional…and did well to help us set up Hannie for success!   Thank You Doug!”  – Diana Turner / (‘Hannie’) / Kingston, Ont. / Jan/21

“We really appreciated the calm and loving approach with our dog.   The session was extremely informative and helpful…and we will definitely be following through with what we learned.”  – Allen & Moesha Stiles / (‘Lulu’) / Brighton, Ont. / Jan/21

“I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for us!!  Thank you so much for coming and helping us with Winnie.   I feel like I can get her to be a happy confident dog…all thanks to you.   You are a very knowledgeable man…and it was very noticeable how passionate you are.    Winnie was rescued from a puppy mill and never had a proper life.   Doug came in and was able to assess her…and gave us so many useful tips.   He went above and beyond…and sent us training videos and instructions to further help us.   We wouldn’t have been able to do it without you!  Thank You Doug!”  – Kali Kincaid / (‘Winnie’) / Kingston, Ont. / Jan/21
“We highly recommend Doug.   He spent the afternoon with ‘our girls’…and taught us LOTS…AND…he followed up the session with tons of helpful training material.”  – Dee Prescott / (‘Ollie’, ‘Lopez’) / Kingston, Ont. / Feb/21
“Doug is an incredibly kind and intuitive individual.   He has a gift of assessing the situation…and fixing it.   He is a wise soul…who lives and breathes dogs and their humans…and is dedicated to helping them.    I just want to thank you for your unending devotion to all dogs…including our Frank.    My most sincere heart-felt thanks!”  – Leah & Chris Murray / (‘Frank’) / Kingston, Ont. / Feb/21
“Our 3 year-old Husky mix was a severely neglected rescue with no human socialization…very skittish and afraid.   Doug had him calm…learning…leash walking and following commands within 2 hours.   Also…we learned more than our dog!”  – Greg & Pam Stidham / (‘Casper’) (…training not necessary for our old gentle soul…’Dexter’ 🙂  ) / Kingston, Ont. / Feb/21
“Doug was calm and professional at all times.   He was gentle and caring with our rescue dog Lemonade…and taught us how to understand her needs.   The change in Lemonade’s behaviour on the leash was immediate.   She enjoyed the session and responded positively.   We highly recommend Doug and won’t hesitate to call again if needed.”  – Erica & Dan Pennell / (‘Lemonade’) / Napanee, Ont. / Feb/21
“We saw an immediate improvment in Archie’s behaviour after just one session with Doug.   10 out of 10…would recommend!!   Thank you Doug!”  – Emily Hopfgartner / (‘Archie’) / Kingston, Ont. / Feb/21
“You helped us with our dog, Minxy, in 2018.   Since then, we have remembered what you have taught us EVERY DAY and we still talk about how much of a difference you made in Minxy’s behaviour.   From introducing us to a new leash and collar, to teaching us to teach Minxy “not to walk in front of the Queen” and many other helpful tips and tricks, you were really the most valuable person we have ever come across for training our dog.   Thank you!”  – Lucy Sun / (‘Minxy’) / Kingston, Ont. / Feb/21
“We noticed a difference right away…and learned many helpful things.   We now have a greater understanding on how to overcome our dog’s reactive behaviour.   Doug is also always available for follow-ups and questions…which is great.”  – Curtis Roach / (‘Koa’) / Kingston, Ont. / Feb/21
“Doug is very knowledgeable and a great teacher.   It is truly amazing how he can help change a behaviour in such a short period of time…and he demonstrates everything so well.   I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their dog.”  – Brooke Cunningham / (‘Bean’) / Kingston, Ont. / March/21
“Doug is very passionate and patient.   His knowledge and techniques were so valuable!   We highly recommend him for any and all dog behavioural help!!”  – Kelly & Jordie Johnson / (‘Nixon’) / Inverary, Ont. / March/21
“We found the training was presented very professionally and was easy to understand.   It was a very impressive session…and we are already seeing results.”  – Mike Nicholson / (‘Emma’) / Battersea, Ont. / March/21
“It was the best experience…for both ‘Marley’ and us!!   We would Highly Recommend!!”  – SooJin, Kurt and Franz Rademacher / (‘Marley’) / Elginburg, Ont. / March/21
“Doug was incredibly professional and accommodating.   He came into our home to assess our dog in her environment…providing us with recommendations that had an INSTANT impact.   We are so happy with the immediate results…and what’s more to come over time.   Doug has followed up post session…with additional educational materials so that we can continue to work with our girl and make her more comfortable in all settings.   Thanks again for all you have provided us with.    We have now taken her on several walks…and she is a completely different dog…so much more relaxed and comfortable.   We are very happy.   I would highly recommend Doug as he is both knowledgeable and passionate!”  – Stephanie Gordon & Jordan Jackson / (‘Rogue’) / Kingston, Ont. / March/21
“Doug was fantastic!   He came…he saw…and he conquered.   Morgan is much better on lead…and the tools provided were suited to his requirements.   Loved the session!”  – Catherine Musselman / (‘Captain Morgan’) / Napanee, Ont. / March/21
“Doug did a great job with our two boys.   They were comfortable working with him…and we have seen positive results.   He was very kind to offer his services for free for our ‘rescues’.   Sully and Stan are doing very well.   Thank you for everything.”  – Shelley & Craig Henderson/ (‘Sully’, ‘Stan’) / Sydenham, Ont. / March/21
“We are definitely moving in the right direction now…thanks to you.   It’s so rewarding and amazing to see such positive changes in Tux.   Thanks so much Doug!
     Doug is extremely knowledgeable about dog behaviour and various training techniques…and he has made such a positive difference in our relationship with our 7 month old mini doodle ‘Tux’.   For us…Tux’s ‘pulling on the leash’ and ‘barking like a maniac’ (at people and dogs) on walks was one of our main problems.    Literally within minutes of meeting Doug…Tux was in a perfect (and perfectly quiet) ‘heel’ position with Doug’s methods.   This week we were able to take Tux into a busy Winners/Homesense for the first time where he was perfectly well behaved walking and waiting patiently at my side with other shoppers and dogs around…and no barking at all.   I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it!   Doug clearly cares deeply for all dogs…but also about building the most rewarding and loving relationships between dog and owner for a lifetime.   Doug is not only helpful with ‘correcting’ dog behaviour…he also offers fun play ideas too (ask him about the ‘Follow Me Game’…and what a ‘Flirt Pole’ is!).   He followed up after our meeting to check in with us as to how things were going…gave us ‘specific’ follow up ideas tailored to our dog…and he emailed lots of great information for learning and for us to keep for continuing reference.   Doug is on our side if we ever have any other questions or concerns…which is so appreciated…and we’re looking forward to keeping him updated.   If you’re in doubt – just call…Doug can help!”  – Craig & Jill Hughes / (‘Tux’) / Kingston, Ont. / March/21
“Thank you so very much, Doug.   We are amazed at the difference in Murphy in just a few short hours.   The session was VERY helpful!   Us humans now know better…and Murphy will be less anxious!”  – Pam Mills / (‘Murphy’) / Napanee, Ont. / March/21
“Excellent experience…world of difference!”  – Melissa & Tyson O’Toole / (‘Bexley’) / Kingston, Ont. / April/21
“Within a little over a week since our one and only session…we are a much more relaxed and happy family unit.   Millie is enjoying her walks…with no reactive outbursts…as well with her role at home!   Thank you.”  – Stephanie Drapeau / (‘Millie’) / Kingston, Ont. / April/21
“Doug is very knowledgeable in training people and dogs.   As we have learned…’humans’ need the training (…as much as the dogs do).   Doug was very patient in helping train ‘us’.   We feel really good in the knowledge you shared…and will practice faithfully. 😊   Your kindness…and love for animals and people are superior.   We would highly recommend Ain’t Misbehavin’!!    Again…thank you so much.”  – Rick & Deb Smart / (‘River’, ‘Yoki’) / Verona, Ont. / April/21
“So very happy with everything…and especially my new dog!”  – Olivia Grudzinski / (‘Rocky’) / Kingston, Ont. / April/21
“Doug has great knowledge about dog behaviour…and how they think…and did a great job explaining it in ways I could relate to.   He was very professional and kind to both me and my dog.   My dogs’ behaviour improved before he had even left…and has continued to improve since using what he has taught me.   Overall…I was very impressed with him and would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their dogs’ behaviour.”  – Dan Blackett / (‘Sam’) / Odessa, Ont. / april/21
“My dog had severe behavioural/obedience issues that were hard for me to understand and cope with.   However…after Doug’s help, Bear significantly improved (…unrecognizeable from before)…and I can now enjoy him more.   Doug also came back and helped me with Bear…to integrate him into a household with a cat…which is going seamlessly.   Doug is extremely kind, helpful…and truly cares about the dogs he helps and their owners.   If you allow Doug to help you…you are guaranteed a better dog and a better relationship with your dog!”  Amy Tuer / (‘Bear’) / Kingston, Ont. / May/21
“I have a 7 month old Shihpoo and a 4 year old Chocolate Lab.   It was tough admitting that I needed help training ‘Arya’…my Shihpoo puppy.   I did some online research…and found Doug Brady (“Ain’t Misbehavin’ “).   I was not disappointed!
    He came to our home…and with his calm, Zen-like demeanour…gently explained and showed us ways in which I could better support my puppy’s learning.   After only a few hours with him…our lives were on the way to being better.   The training he provided was useful beyone compare.   I am in awe of his ability and knowledge.   He is a good soul…and we are so appreciative for his help.   I am now a huge fan…and have already recommended him to others.   I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their furry friends!”  – Laura Bulmer / (‘Arya’, ‘Nyla’) / Verona, Ont. / May/21
“We couldn’t be more pleased with Doug’s services.   He understands dogs so well.   Within 30 minutes…Toby was a calmer, happier, and more obedient dog.   The next day we took Toby for a 45 minute walk without any jumping or pulling.   We whole heartedly recommend him for correcting unwanted behaviours quickly and patiently…and providing us with the knowledge to continue Toby’s training.   Thanks Doug!!”  – Denise Ortynski & Bob Norwood / (‘Toby’) / Harrowsmith, Ont. / May21
“Very calm and patient demeanor with Maggie.  We really appreciate all the tips and advice.   Also…very patient and helpful with all 4 of our kids (…Sofia, Natalia, Camden, and Hudson).   Thank you!”  – Adrian & Angela Weaver / (‘Maggie’) / Gananoque, Ont. / May/21
“Doug was very helpful.   He gave us a different perspective so that we could understand ‘why’ the unwanted behaviours were happening…and showed us how easy it is to change and address these issues…by simply changing the way we did some things with our dog.   It is definitely a commitment to maintain the training and advice he taught us (15-30 minutes a day)…but…these little training steps are so easy (…and fun…i.e. the ‘Follow Me Game’)…and SOoo well worth it.   After his visit…we experienced a new situation.   We sent Doug an email and he was able to advise us on the best ‘stategy’ to overcome that situation…which was successful.   I would definitely recommend Doug to anyone who needs help with their dog!  Thanks again!”  – Patricia Gagne / (‘Xena’) / Perth, Ont. / May/21
“Doug provided excellent advice and techniques for our very anxious and reactive boy.   The difference we saw in an afternoon was astounding.   Furthermore…the documentation we received afterwards will provide a wealth of knowledge and information for the future.”  – Mike & Kate Frennette / (‘Huxley’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/21
“Doug was an amazing trainer!   After one afternoon session with Doug…our young dog who pulled and lunged on leash…is now walking perfectly by our side.   Doug helped alleviate a lot of the stress we had about walking our dog.   We also feel that we are a lot more knowledgeable about the ‘source’ of misbehaviour…and now have the skills to correct it.   Thanks so much for your help.”  – Brenden & Amy Chen / (‘Buddy’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/21
“Very informative.   Such a change in behaviour in just one 2 hour training session.   Very impressed with Doug.”  – Rod & Pat Welch ‘ (‘Remy’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/21
“Doug’s focus for our household was to form a strong, loving, and trusting bond with our former puppy mill dog…’Flossie’.   The ‘relationship’ being the primary consideration…everything else is secondary (…be sure to ask about the ‘Follow Me Game’).   His methods are flexible…to meet the needs of a particular dog.   Doug clearly cares deeply about the dogs and clients he works with.”  – Glenn Hyde & Donna Kearns / (‘Flossie’) / Milford, Prince Edward County / June/21
“Willow always pulled very hard on leash.   She no longer does so.   We were very pleasantly surprised and very pleased at the ease and speed of the training…and with the VERY positive results of just a 2 hour session!   Thank you Doug for all of your help!   Much appreciated!”  – Daniel Benor & Linda Sapiano / (‘Willow’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/21
“Doug helped us to understand the ‘source’ of our dog’s anxiety…and gave us lots of information to help us help him!   Thank you!”  – Devon & Kait Armstrong / (‘Maple’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/21
“We saw results almost immediately after Doug left.   He really helped us get to the ‘root cause’ of our dog’s aggression.   He also provided lots of support via videos and phone calls after our session.   Thanks Doug!”  – Frank & Yana Abramchuk / (‘Cody’) / Kingston, Ont. / June/21
“We were able to schedule a visit on very short notice.   Doug was calm, professional…and most importantly…was able to provide us with some useful tips to help us train our dog.   Thanks so much Doug!   You are a valuable asset to the Kingston canine community.”  – Kierstyn Sousa & Tanner Henhawke / (‘Remmington’) / Inverary, Ont. / June/21
“Doug is amazing at what he does.   I saw instant results…and no one has put my dog on the right path until now.   I would HIGHLY recommend…an overall awesome experience!”  – Cameron Wilhelm / (‘Kylo’) / Kingston, Ont. / July/21
“We were blessed to have Doug visit our family when we adopted a large and energetic dog named Luna.   She was suffering from separation anxiety…and also…we didn’t know how  to communicate with her properly.   Doug has taught us helpful skills…and we now feel that we better understand Luna and her needs…so that we can be a better family for her…and she will be a happier dog.   Doug’s deep love and understanding of dogs is clear.   He kindly spent hours with our family to help Luna.   We have lots of work and training to do now…but after only one day…we are amazed at both Luna’s progress…and our own!   Thank you so much Doug!”  – Andy & Laura Larin / (‘Luna’) / Kingston, Ont. / July/21
“Doug was amazing with our dog!   We saw real progress in one afternoon…and were given tools and strategies to continue the improvement.   Highly recommend!!”  – Nathalie Stackhouse / (‘Nellie’) / Kingston, Ont. / July/21
“Within a few days of integrating Doug’s guidance…we have already noticed a more content and obedient dog.   Doug has a very calm, gentle and realistic approach…which does not overwhelm. We were also assured that we do not have a “problem dog”…rather he simply needs some strategic guidance and consistent practices to establish a better human-dog relationship.   This feels attainable now.”  – Phil & Tasha Derzekos / (‘Gera’) / Gananoque, Ont. / July/21
“Thank you for all of your teaching and time spent with us.   It was great!!   We learned so much from you in such a short amount of time.   You really made us comfortable…and you’re a 10/10 in my books for training and teaching both dog…and soon to be ‘leaders’!   Thanks again for taking such an interest in Hammy.”  – Jennifer and Joanna Waite / (‘Hammy’) /Kingston, Ont. / July/21
“Doug showed us that Finnegan was actually a very good dog…who just ‘needed’ us to lead him.   After only a few hours…Finnegan had a completely different attitude…and was entirely under control.   Thanks Doug!”  – Cindy & Kevin Marsh / (‘Finnegan’) / Picton, Ont. / July/21
“We had reached a plateau in training our rescue dog Bree.   Doug came to our house and generously shared his time, experience, and dog training knowledge.   Since then…her training has moved in an upward trajectory.”  – Roger & Ruth Ellerton / (‘Bree’) / Howe Island / July/21
“Doug was calm and super helpful with Bella.   He helped ease her fears of men…as well as pulling on the leash too.   Thank you so much for the training session.”  – Paige Van Tassel / (‘Bella’) / Kingston, Ont. / July/21
“Doug was amazing with Nala…and helped the entire family learn how to better care for her.   Thank you so much!!!” – Tim & Holly Knowles / (‘Nala’) / Kingston, Ont. / Aug/21
“Doug came to my house to help me learn how deal with my very active 16 month old Vizsla.   He was helpful right from the moment he stepped through my door.   He showed me all kinds of fun games and exercises to help Billy learn how to be more calm…which in turn has helped me to be more calm!!   I also appreciated the extensive follow-up.   I know that I can call at any time with any future challenges that I may face.   Doug was ‘firm’…but very kind…and Billy loved him!!” – Diana Warme / (‘Billy’) / Picton, Ont. / Aug/21
“I contacted Doug to help with obedience training for my 1.5 year old Lab mix (Stella)…who experiences tremendous social anxiety.  Doug came and explained how she needs reassurance that she has a leader and that most of her anxiety stems from a lack of leadership…leaving her feeling insecure in herself.   I can’t express how grateful I am for the time Doug took to explain the ‘root cause’ and how to address it…and setting long term training goals that would supplement her foundation of learning…to help build her trust and confidence in the world around her.
     Doug explained how to manage her anxious behaviours with lots of hands on work.  He showed me training methods that would benefit my dog to help eliminate her anxious tendencies on walks and in the car.   He also went above and beyond with providing extensive resources that I can continue to follow along with and refer back to when building on our obedience training.   It is one thing to teach…but it’s an entirely different thing to provide helpful ongoing learning material…which I am truly grateful for.
     Stella’s anxiety level did not allow her to be comfortable with anyone petting her besides family.   Not even half way through our session, she was letting Doug give her all the pets, pats and scratches he wanted…and seemed to be disappointed when he stopped.   I was completely shocked at how fast my dog gained comfort in Doug’s presence.   He was compassionate and loving towards my dog which I couldn’t have asked more for.
     Doug is truly a magician (…as I kept saying during our session  lol!)…and also a miracle worker.   Since our session I’ve been seeing a completely different dog in terms of confidence and overall obedience.   It has only been several weeks but I can only imagine how wonderful this experience with Doug will turn out to be.   My dog is happier…and seeing her like this makes me happier.   I just want my dog to enjoy herself during our times out and feel that Doug has made a tremendous improvement with her confidence.
     I can’t thank Doug enough…and would recommend his services to anyone with a dog regardless of their circumstances.   Doug has such a great understanding of behaviours and I believe anyone would benefit from his insight for helping their dog live their best life.”  – Stacey Seto / (‘Stella’) / Kingston, Ont. /Aug/21
“We had been struggling…trying different training methods, etc….to get Beau to calm down on leash around other dogs.   We were blown away that Doug had him sitting quietly right next to a dog he had never met within 20 minutes of starting to work with him.   We took Beau out for his night time bathroom outing last night around 8pm, and we walked within 10-15 feet of a group of people that had 3 or 4 dogs, and Beau was so calm and relaxed and didn’t bark or growl once.   Getting that close to doggies calmly is completely unheard of for Beau.   Beau is now generally much calmer in all situations.   Thanks so much!!”  – Angie & Dave Sullivan / (‘Beau’) / Kingston, Ont. / Aug/21
“In a very short period of time Doug was able to correct several unwanted behaviours that had been a source of frustration to me for a long while.   Bonsai is getting better every day…and I have also become a better dog owner.   I appreciate the time that Doug took to write out a detailed summary of our session…and tips for the future.   Thank you so much!”  – Gabriela Baumann / (‘Bonsai’) Kingston, Ont. / Aug/21

“We are very grateful to have had Doug’s help with training our very stubborn dog, Tux.   Doug is a very passionate dog behaviourist and a genuinely kind soul.   From the moment Doug walked in the door…he showed us the importance of effective communication with our dog…as well as dog walking and feeding techniques for developing strong leadership and a positive relationship between ourselves and Tux.   We highly recommend Doug for all of your dog whispering needs!   Thanks so much for visiting us.   Your passion for training dogs is inspiring and we took away so much.”  – Erin Corrigan & Josh Hall / (‘Tux’) / Gananoque, Ont. / Sept/21

“Doug was very professional, efficient…and ‘calm’ as he was training my dog…which made Butkus…and myself…much more calm during the process.  Thank you.”  – Ashley Wind / (‘Butkus’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/21

“I met Doug today and the experience was so eye opening and amazing.   I’m so happy he was suggested to me by a friend as it’s already made a HUGE difference with my pup and myself…and how we work together.   Everything he said made sense and clarified my understanding of puppy/dog training and behaviour.   He explains why he’s asking x, y, or z from your dog…and helps you see it from the dog’s perspective as well as your own.   It was a lot of information in a short amount of time…and understanding that…he sends you a detailed email of everything we went over…and also other videos that will help to reinforce what we learned today.
You can see that this is such a passion for him…and that he loves doing what he does.
I would recommend Doug to anyone needing any kind of help with their dog without hesitation.
Thank you Doug – those few hours have already improved my relationship with Eli…and it will only get better! 🐕🙏🏼💕”  – Susie Koval / (‘Eli’) / Amherstview, Ont. / Sept/21
“Doug went above and beyond to ensure a thorough, helpful…and ‘fun’…training session.    His attention to detail, love for dogs, and patience was extraordinary.   He was even helpful on the phone afterwards when I had additional questions!   Charlie is doing a little better every day…and I have sung your praises quite a lot recently.   Thank you again for your help!”  – Lise Comartin / (‘Charlie’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/21
“We noticed an immediate improvement in Bandit.   Thank you for training Sarah, Abby, and me!”  – Bill Craig / (‘Bandit’) / Yarker, Ont. / Sept/21
“Amazing Trainer!   He taught me how to ‘communicate’ with my little dog…to get the results we are aiming for…by first understanding the way she thinks and sees things.   He helped to build my confidence…as well as my dogs’.   I can now get Lulu to focus on me…and now feel more of a bond with Lu.   Thank you!!”  – Kathryn Bender / (‘Lulu’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/21
“Doug got to work right away.   He used very professional and non-aggressive methods…and Aussie’s transformation began within the first few minutes.   We saw the change in her before he even left.   Doug doesn’t stop there…he sends instructions and follows up making sure that pet and owners are doing well.   We certainly recommend him to all pet lovers.”  – Asppi & Havovi Tarapore / (‘Aussie’) / Portland, Ont. / Sept/21
“Doug was very kind and professional.   The instruction given was easy to follow and worked well.   We are now able to walk Oscar without it being a struggle.   Thank you Doug!”  – Shelley, Dave, and Jacob Walsh / (‘Oscar’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/21
“I have learned how to behave differently myself…and I can see an immediate improvement in my dogs behaviour.   Thank you Doug!”  – Heather Stuart / (‘Sadie’ ‘Kiki’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/21
“We want to thank you for the excellent training session we had a few weeks ago with our dogs Furgus and Zoey.   The improvement in the dogs’ behaviour was immediate.   Furgus in particular was much easier to handle…using the prong collar as you taught us…and responds well to leash pressure.   Prior to our session with you…he would pull strongly on the leash when seeing other people, dogs, squirrels, and rabbits.   His behaviour has improved significantly.   I know that training is a process…and we are continuing using the methods that you taught us.   Through those methods and techniques…along with the training referrences that you provided us…our dogs are well on the way to becoming calm and confident members of our family.   Thanks once again for your excellent work.”  – Chris, Celia, and Erica Conti / (‘Furgus’, ‘Zoey’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/21
“Doug provided so much valuable information…as well as techniques that are so smart and yet so easy to execute.   I can already see a difference in Goji’s behaviour.   He already appears so much more calm.   Thank you Doug for all your help!”  – Emily Woodman / (‘Goji’) / Kingston, Ont. / Sept/21











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Dave Pye October 26, 2021 at 11:19 pm

Doug helped me out – a lot – when one of my seemingly harmless Boston Terriers suddenly misbehaved with disastrous results (while I was on vacation). Shep was being dogsat, and that was apparently a big part of the problem. Doug taught me 5 basic “pack leadership principles” which I immediately employed. In 10 years, the behavior was never repeated, and I’ll always endorse and be grateful to Doug.


Jessica Bosso January 13, 2022 at 8:43 pm

Doug was a great dog trainer and an even better people trainer. 😉 We will be forever grateful for the education and assistance that Doug gave us and our dog Luna. As total newbie dog owners we had a lot to learn. Doug helped us from when Luna came home as a puppy and through the challenging adolescent months. We now have a lovely adult husky/lab cross who is a wonderful part of our family thanks to Doug’s guidance. He will be missed. The Bosso Family


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