Dog Training Services in Greater Kingston, Ontario

Dog whisperer Doug Brady regularly helps clients throughout the Greater Kingston, Ontario area. He has visited homes requiring dog and puppy obedience or behaviour help in Napanee, Gananoque, Westbrook, Odessa, Glenburnie, Westport, Belleville, Brockville and most towns in-between. To find out if Doug can visit your area, and what it will cost if it’s a considerable distance, simply contact him right now.  (613)-531-0965  Email:

Greater Kingston Prices

  • Initial Visit – $160.00  (usually about 2 hours – however there are no time limits)
  • Subsequent Sessions – No Charge – (sometimes it’s necessary –  many times it’s not)

During a Session Doug Will:

  • Come to your home to work with you and your dog(s) at your convenience.
  • Explain to you ‘WHY’ (This is important)  your dog is doing the unwanted behaviour(s)…AND THEN…show you what to do to correct it.
  • Show you helpful handling skills that will make life easier for both you and your dog…for instance…teach you a very easy technique where, in minutes, your dog will never again pull on the leash….AS WELL as many other indispensably important, and useful skills that will help in every aspect of life with your dog(s).
  • We will give you valuable knowledge and insight…into the way dogs think and view the world…and show you how you can use this to your advantage in a ‘practical and effective manner’ to… (1)  change unwanted behaviour(2) create harmony, stability, and security in their little doggie world (so they are more relaxed, calm, and content)… (3) how to establish a good, healthy and happy ‘relationship’…trust and respect… between you and your dog(s)… (4) how to prevent and avoid the miscommunication and misunderstanding that is usually the root cause of most problems  (VERY important) – to learn to communicate with them in a way that they understand…and are ‘familiar’ and ‘comfortable’ with.

(“Nothing I teach is difficult…or hard to do.   It just takes someone with the proper knowledge to show you the way.” – Doug Brady)

  • Teach new dog or puppy owners very easy and simple, but essential, things to do (and not to do)  –   to avoid ‘potential’ behaviour issues altogether…(“PREVENTION is always the best solution – KNOWLEDGE is your best friend” – Doug Brady)

Doug guarantees his dog training services and his clients don’t pay until they’re satisfied. Get in touch with Doug right away and start your favorite (but problematic) furry friend towards better behaviour! Click to set up a consultation now…or call (613)-531-0965

NOTE:   For people who rescue dogs…or foster or adopt dogs from the Humane Society…there will be no charge for my services.  “I feel privileged to be able to help people who are willing to give a needy dog a caring home…and I am more than happy to do so.  Too often dogs are returned for issues that are easily correctable with a little help.” – Doug Brady

FURTHER NOTE:   NO ONE who needs help with their dog will be refused…or turned away for the lack of money.  “Circumstances happen.  The important thing…and the only thing that really matters…is that you DO get the help that you need for you and your dog.   I will always be glad to help regardless…money or not.  There is no shame in not having money.   The only shame would be in not helping your dog when you have the opportunity to do so.   I have only admiration for people who put their dogs’ needs ahead of their own false pride.” – Doug Brady


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